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Sony RX100MII and Sony RX1R specs!


Sony will not announce any new NEX stuff this month but they will launch two new RX cameras on June 27. Ok, not really very new:

The Sony RX1R:
It’s exactly the same camera as the current RX1 but it misses the Anti Aliasing filter. That’s why Sony will present it as the “High Reoslution” RX1 version. DOn’t knwo what the price will be. But I guess they will charge you a bit extra for removing the Filter :)

The Sony RX100MKII:
It has an “updated” 20 megapixel sensor with Exmor R technology. The same Zeiss lens as the RX100. But there are plenty of other changes: new tilt screen, longer battery life, ISO 100, Built-in Wifi, 24p recording and Hot Shoe.

I am a bit surprised Sony skipped a possible RX10 release. I guess the APS-C compact market is a bit to full for them?

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