Is the Nikon Mirrorless “Q” camera ready to be unveiled?

Sounds like Nikon will present their mirrorless “Q” camera at Photokina (next week). I don’t know if they will release a real camera or just present the new system with sme prototype. Anyway, there is a long Nikon mirrorless patent history that leads us to believe the sensor will be smaller than APS-C. I guess on Monday we will know more!

Does Leica have „one more thing“ for photokina?

Leica Camera Forum has been invited for a „Leica Design Preview“ at Photokina. Leicarumors believes we will see a Leica EVIL system. The administrator from LeicaCameraForum will be there on Monday evening (photokina’s eve) to report live from Cologne and says “Don’t make any other appointments for Monday evening (8 pm CEST), ut some beer in the fridge and follow the Leica Forum twitter feed!

Mirrorlessrumors doesn’t believe that there will be a new Leica mirrorless system. ANyway it is better to not miss their Twitter Live report :)

Next Samsung crystal ball announcement: “Mirrorless will outsell DSLRs by 2012/2013 says Samsung”

Samsung is making a new strong pro-mirrorless statement (and they have many interests to do so because they do not sell DSLRs anymore). SanJing Park, head of Samsung’s Digital Imaging Business siad that: “The mirrorless camera will be the new locomotive of digital camera market growth going forward and it will take over the SLR market in 2012 or 2013” and “The new segment is already attracting consumers from compact users and will grab further market share by adding more consumers from the SLR category

Reminder: Futuresource predicted that the “higher average retail price of an interchangeable lens compact, compared to an entry-level DSLR, will limit growth of this sector.

There will be certainly a big mirrorless market share growth when Canon and Nkon will join the party in 2011!

Via: Amateur Photographer

New Samsung lens roadmap

Samsung just showed their new lens roadmap. It includes the following lenses:

Wide Pancake 16mm F2.8 iFn
Macro 60mm OIS F2.8 iFn
Movie Pro 18-200mm F3.5-6.3 OIS iFn
Movie Home 16-80mm F3.5-4.5 OIS iFn
Portrait 85mm F1.4 iFn

Those lenses all feature the new iFn function which has been well explained at SamsungImaging (Click here)

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Mr. Hamada from Hoya-Pentax says about mirrorless: “we would like to release products with an individuality that shines through”

Mr. Hamada from Hoya-Pentax provided an interesting market overview:

•    Inventory is still accumulating in Europe. Production and shipments are higher than the momentum of consumption. This year, SLR cameras will grow by 15-20% over the previous year in terms of production, shipment and sales but inventories of compact cameras seem to be building all over Europe. We are keeping careful watch on the situation.
•    In Japan, in particular, the mirrorless camera market is growing and is positioned to capture approximately 30% of the SLR market.
•    Overseas, mirrorless cameras are selling to some degree in the United Kingdom. Manufacturers may not have got around to sales yet but one way or other the mirrorless cameras are starting to catch on, and all companies will be focusing on sales from now. I think they will have about 30% of the global SLR market within two years or so.
•    We have looked carefully at the situation but since sales are not good even when we release the same products as other companies, we would like to release products with an individuality that shines through.”

Oh yeah Pentax is coming soon with their mirrorless camera!

The new Samsung NX100

PREORDERS: (coming soon)


– 14,6 Megapixel, 649 Euro with lens, available in September (yes now!)
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The brown Samsung NX100 gets leaked!

Click on picture to enlarge.

Here it is the new Samsung NX100 with the new 20-50mm f/3.5-5.6 lens. It features the same NX10 sensor (14.6 Megapixels), a 3inch Amoled screen, it has an optional external electronic viewfinder, ISO 100-6400, 3fps, sound picture (you can record 10sec sound with a picture), 720/30p video and it has an optional GPS module. The camera comes in Black, White or Brown!