Mirrorless news roundup…

Samsung NX200 review at Digitalcamerainfo (Click here): “Samsung has produced a camera with image quality, performance, and control to rival nearly any camera in its segment of the market.”

Nikon 1 V1 with 10mm, 10-30mm, and 10-100mm Lenses Ronmartblog (Click here).

Nikon J1 Field Test Gallery Outbackphoto (Click here).

Nikon V1 review at Cameralabs (Click here): “Overall if you only take one thing away from this review it’s that the Nikon 1 system really is something special even with these first models. Don’t get bogged-down by the sensor size and instead revel in the speed. It’s the fastest mirror-less ILC to date and if this suits your subject you’ll love it.

Fuji X10 analysis at Quesabesde (Click here).


Samsung will introduce on sensor image stabilization on future NX cameras?

A source just sent me a surprising rumor. Samsung won’t make OIS lenses anymore!
According to the source Samsung has a little concerns about optical problems and final lenses size. Samsung will get back to an improved AntiShake system sensor-based used on Pentax/Samsung DSLR. The patent of that system is a share property between them.

I certainly hope the rumor turns out to be true! All lenses (including third party lenses used via adapter) will be stabilized and the size of NX lenses can be a bit smaller. At the time of writing Olympus only offers mirrorless cameras with built-in sensor stabilization.

New Fuji organic sensor patent. New sensor with super high resolution!

The jaanese blog Egami (Click here) posted another patent about the new Fuji organic sensor. The new technology will allow a super color fidelity because it will be a sort of “Foveon” sensor where one single pixel contains all the RGB color information.

Also Fuji managers have been interviewed by Impressjapan. And they confirmed that the new sensor will surpass the image quality of any current fullframe sensor and it will also have the largest resolution (Megapixels).

If all that turns out to be true than Canon and Nikon could soon feel that the premiership is no more a battle between the two only.

UPDATED: Canon talks about mirrorless…

The japanese “Impressjapan” magazine had an interview with Canon Managers. You can downlaod the magazine pdf here: https://www.impressjapan.jp/pr/monitor/1112_dcm/271201_free.pdf.

UPDATE: Our reader “Fh” (thanks!) translated the interview. here is what Canon thinks about the mirrorless future:
– Will you be releasing a mirrorless camera?
Well, the C300 is mirrorless; just very big. But as for a real mirrorless, we will look at the market this coming year in order to make the best decision.

– When you say “look at the market”, are you concerned that mirrorless cameras would affect DSLR sales?
No, just that when you look at the current mirrorless systems and how they are used, there are many different approaches.

– For instance?
For mirrorless cameras, being able to change lenses is certainly a big merit. But you have to wonder, are interchangeable lenses really the only point of mirrorless cameras, considering the added size for the lens mount? When you’re taking pictures, a standard camera size is fine, but when you’re not…

– Right, they’re still quite big.
And on either side, we are challenging ourselves to make DSLRs that are smaller, and compacts that have better image quality. So you have to ask if a mirrorless product is really necessary to fill the narrowing gap. Of course, we are more than capable of making a mirrorless camera, if we decide to.

– So you think current mirrorless cameras overlap DSLR and compact markets?

– But that doesn’t mean you wouldn’t release a mirrorless that overlaps other markets, right? You mentioned you want to release a mirrorless in 2012.
Well, we want to release a mirrorless next year. But next year, the other markets will also change: there will probably be smaller DSLRs and compacts with greater image quality, which might eat into the mirrorless market.

In short, as the quotations from the interview highlight:
“Do mirrorless cameras really need interchangeable lenses?”
“DSLRs and compacts might eat into mirrorless market”
“Big improvement in image quality for consumer cameras than the past year”

The online PDF is cut short, so I can’t tell if any other information was given. But it was not strictly confirmed that Canon will release a mirrorless in 2012; just that IF they decide to release a mirrorless, they want to release it next year.”


Pentax Fullframe and medium format Mirrorless cameras coming next year???

Mr. Kitazawa (head of Pentax’s camera R&D) told to the Japanese DC Magazine that Pentax will devlop a mirrorless 35mm full-frame camera and they are also thinking to make a mirrorless version of their 645D medium format camera!


Damn what a news! That made my day. I certainly hope Kitazawa will make those dream cameras become real soon :)

A Mirrorless size and weight comparison

When it comes to mirrorless cameras the battle is not only about image quality but also about “how small” you can make the camera. DC.watch (Click here) compared the size and weight of the tiniest cameras from Pentax, Nikon, Panasonic, Olympus and Sony. You see plenty of graphs and scores on their website. However RiceHigh (Click here) pointed out that the test isn’t perfect.

But my real question is, how small should a mirrorless camera be to be really pocket able? I guess it depends. Amateurs and Mass market want camera with zoom, and i that case the GF3 with the 14-42mm X pancake zoom is the only one that can be seen as very close to common compact cameras. Semi-pro and pro’s may are ok by carrying a pancake with fixed focal length and in that case the Pentax Q is definitely the smallest and lightest cam. But Why get the Pentax Q when the high end compact cameras like the Olympus XZ-1 or Canon S95 have a similar sensor size but do have a bright zoom lens?

Mirrorless news roundup (Nikon 1 fimrware updgrade)

Nikon released a new firmware update (1.10) for the J1 and V1. it brings a new pixel mapping function and support for the FT-1 adapter.
Nikon 1 J1 Firmware Update download page.
Nikon 1 V1 Firmware Update 1.10 download page.

Nikon 1 review at Sansmirror (Click here).

Cnet Asia (Click here) posted the Samsung NX200 review: “Though unlikely to be as popular as its peers, we think that the Samsung NX200 is a capable performer. Its new image sensor manufactured by the chaebol has given it a one stop exposure boost, resulting in better low-light performance than older NX models“.

Also Engadget (Click here) tested the NX200: “Focusing issues aside, we were generally quite pleased with the NX200. Samsung’s latest ILC offers great image quality and performance, with only a few issues.

Photozone (Click here) tested another Samsung lens, the Samsung NX 16mm f/2.4: “The Samsung NX 16mm f/2.4 gave us quite a ride during testing – it has some bright aspects but it’s certainly not without issues.

Ricoh GXR Leica M Mount A12 Review at ePhotozine (Click here): “The Ricoh GXR with M Mount module is a great camera to use with the camera providing quick shutter response, a good manual focusing display and a solid well designed body“.

The new Nikon 1 F-Mount Adapter is now in Stock in some stores (Example: Fotohanskeuzekamp)