New Samsung NX Photokina rumors.

The same source sent Photorumors and me an update about the NX system. There will be new NX cameras and new EX-2 substitute (no surprise) but the pre announced 16-80mm has been cancelled and there will be another advanced zoom lens instead. In total at least two (and maybe three) lenses will be announced at Photokina.

Samsung remains a bit of a mystery for me. They keep saying they want to become the number one in the mirrorless system. But they really have to invent some kind of magical products in order to archive that. To be technologically on par with the others isn’t enough. Jusy a weird idea, they should buy Leica and create a Samsung-Leice mirrorless EVF system :)

    Sony RX100 with 1 inch sensor leaked!

    Here it is the new Sony RX100 high end compact camera! It has been leaked at Digicaminfo. And the specs are very interesting:

    • 13.2X8.8Mm Exmor CMOS sensor type 1.0 effective number of pixels 20.2 million pixels
    • Monitors – LCD (4:3), 3.0-inch, 1,229,000 dots
    • Lens Vario-Sonnar T * is
    • The focal length is 30-108mm (4:3) equivalent 35mm, 29mm-105mm (16:9)
    • The brightness of the lens is F1.8-4.9
    • Minimum focusing distance is 5cm, wide-tele 55cm at the end
    • The standard number of shots (conforming to CIPA) 330 sheets / min – 165
    • 30-valve second shutter speed is 1/2000 in the manual
    • ISO sensitivity (100 and 80 in the expansion), NR ISO125-6400 by Auto: Auto ISO125-25600 in the
    • Second continuous shooting is 10 frames / second 2.5 frames / continuous shooting in priority mode in normal mode –
    • Still images JPEG, RAW
    • 1920×1080 60p AVCHD video 28M
    • Size 58.1X101.6X35.9Mm
    • The weight (including battery and Memory Stick Duo) 240 g
    • Color: Black

    Sony “attacks” Nikon. Compact Camera with 1 inch sensor coming this week!

    The Nikon 1 is a huge hotseller in US (here is the ranking) and Sony is now ready to fight back! They will soon announce a High End Compact Camera that features a 1 inch sensor just like the size of the Nikon 1 sensor. But it will be more compact also because it has a fixed and retractable zoom lens!

    The camera should be announced on June 6th (Wednesday). Let’s see if we can leak the camera specs and images before that date!

    Mirrorless news roundup…(with Fuji RAW conversion tests).

    Fuji X RAW:
    As you may know Adobe now supports the Fuji X RAW file conversion. Here are three links to first tests:
    Diglloyd posted a first image using the new Adobe RAW converter. Soundimagesplus posted a full Adobe converter test: “ACR is obviously a much more responsive and flexible programme, but it does seem that the unique nature of the sensor means that some of my normal techniques may not work so well. Interestingly, I have a preset saved that defaults to the parameters in the previous version of the Camera Raw plug-in, and I felt that I got slightly better results.“. Some watercolor effect after ACR conversion shown at Fredmiranda.

    More mirrorless news:
    Will the DSLR die? Will small cameras rule the world? (Visualsciencelab).
    How to Improve Photography Without Upgrading Gear (RobinWong).
    Canon G1X review at ThePhoBlographer.
    A German NX20 review at Cnet Germany.
    Zeiss 18mm F4.0 vs Fujinon 18mm F2.0 at Photoheadonline.
    Full Fuji X PRO 1 review by Thom Hogan at Sansmirror.
    A very exotic Fuji X-Pro1 + MIR-1 37mm F2.8 lens test at
    How to get the most out of your Fuji X Pro1 for street photography by Mike Kobal.

    Ikeas cardboard mirroless camera :)

    Ikea had the nice idea to create a “mirrorless” camera made of cardboard. Watch the video on top to see how it works! And the first camera is now for sale on .
    I think its apretty genious idea! Want that :)

    Canon “well specced” (but not pro) mirrorless camera in June.

    Canonrumors reports (with a low ranked rumor value) that Canon will announce a “well specced” mirrorless camera along a “couple” of lenses.  But you may would think this would be a higher end model but according to CR sources this is not a ““pro” level mirrorless. The pro mirrorless cameras would arrive later within the coming 12 months.

    Canonwatch was the first to report about a mirrorless camera announcement in June. But specs still are relatively unknown. The only thing we heard is that it has a modern design similar to the Nikon 1 models.

    New Pentax Q and 360 degree camera coming soon? (+ new K-01 review)

    According to sources from Photogizmos Pentax is changing the strategy and “they will soon be discontinuing future development of “normal” point-and-shoot cameras in favor of specialty cameras like the Ultra-Rugged WG series, Ultra Compact interchangable lens cameras like the Q series and coming soon, an incredible 360 degree Digital camera.

    That 360 degree camera sounds really intriguing!

    P.S.: Digitalcamerareview posted the full K-01 review.