Some more Canon leaks with Canon Flash.

Here are some new images of the Canon mirrorless posted on the usual Canon rumor websites like CR and CW and so on…
Thinking on all these leaked pics it’s really looking like an entry level APS-C mirrorless camera. Apparently Canon believes that there is the market…with amateurs and not on the pro segment.

More Canon mirrorless camera pictures!

More pictures have been leaked via CR. You can see the Canon’s mirrorless camera (EOS M) and the new EF-M 22mm f/2 STM lens.It looks liek an entry level system camera and very compact in his size. It almost makes me think the sensor is smaller than APS-C!!! What do you think?

The lens has 22mm, it would be 44mm if the sensor would have a Four Thirds sensor size and a 33mm lens with an APS-C sensor.

First image of the Canon mirrorless camera!!!

Finally we have it the first image of the Canon mirrorless camera! The image appeared on Japanese site digicame-info (via Canonwatch). The model name is EOS M (name on top of the camera). And on tha picture you see the EF-M 22mm f/2 STM pancake lens. It has a new New mount called EF-M (“M” for “mirrorless”?). So unlike previous rumors (posted on other websites) this is not going to use a Canon G1X Four Thirds sized sensor! Stay tuned on MirrorlessRumors! We will follow the Canon event live on Monday July 23th! Announcement starts at 6-7 am London time!

Waiting for Canon…..

I am surprised to see how tight the lips around the Canon mirrorless are. According to CR there is a Canon event this Monday (July 23th). But there was no real leak until now…just bits of info. All I heard via my sources is that Canon will use an APS-C sensor and not the G1X Four Thirds sized sensor.  And here is a sum of the specs leaked by CR and CW:

– One camera has an 18 Megapixel sensor
– AN EF mount adapter (the mirrorless camera uses a new kinf of mount)
– Two lenses (one zoom for sure)

And that’s it! If you may found some leak let me know! Because right now everything looks to quiet! :)

Full rumor roundup at

G5 and 45-150mm preorders at BHphoto.

Finally after ton of leaks from Russia, France, Japan and even Oman (LOL) the G5 has been officially announced. And here are the very first worldwide preorder links and officially posted specs:

G5 in Black at BHphoto (Click here), in Silver at BHphoto (Click here)
45-150mm lens in Black at BHphoto (Click here) and in Silver at BHphoto (Click here).
LX7 in Black at BHphoto (Click here) in White at BHphoto (Click here)
Other compacts, the FZ200 at BHphoto (Click here), the FZ60 at BHphoto (Click here).