Leica M10 with Sony B&W sensor and Ricoh collaboration?

People is going wild about that new M10 camera! It will very likely have a Full Frame Black and White sensor with no Anti Aliasing filter, super sharpness and resolution and what matters more a much greater dynamic range which is even more fundamental for Black and White photography. Under the very unreliable rumors that are floating around the web the most interesting two are:

1) The new M10 will use a new Sony Black and White sensor. Kodak is out of the business and Sony is known for making FF cameras for third party companies.

2) Ricoh will be somehow involved in the production of parts of the new cameras. Apparently Leica production capability is that much limited that they made an agreement with Ricoh for the production of the new Leica M10 product.

Don’t know yet if those rumors are correct or not but this is going to be an exciting camera. I was dreaming of a Black and White sensor for a very long time now….and you?


New triple Fuji X PRO 1 reviews!

It’s hard to keep up with all those X PRO 1 reviews. There are already three new full tests! Overall all reviewers are extremely happy with the delivered image quality and all do agree that the major “weakness” is the autofocus and the high price for the body:

1) Trustedreviews (Click here): “While it doesn’t come cheap, the X-Pro1 is a serious bit of kit that is sure to reward those who invest in one.” The camera earns 10/10 points!

2) Techradar (Click here): “The images from the Fuji X-Pro1 are superb. They may not have quite the detail that some full-frame cameras are capable of capturing, but they can beat these bigger beasts for dynamic range and noise control.

3) Photographyblog (Click here): “It’s great to see another manufacturer join the compact system camera revolution and bring something truly innovative to the party, so if the Fujifilm X-Pro1 suits your way of shooting and your budget, we have no hesitation at all in highly recommending it.

The Fuji X PRO 1 camera can be preordered:
in USA/Canada at Amazon (Click here), Adorama (Click here), Bhphoto (Click here), Epxansys US (Click here) and Expansys Canada (Click here).
in Europe at Jessops UK (Click here), eBay Italy (Click here) and Expansys UK (Click here).
in Asia at Amazon Japan (Click here) and eBay Japan (Click here).


And here is the new Samsung NX20

The dutch magazine Focusmedia (Click here – via PR) posted a set of image sampels and specs.

•   20.3 megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor
•   8 fps continuous drive, shutter 1/6000e
•   i-Function 2.0, Wi-Fi
•   1080p Full HD video capability
• 3.0-inch VGA AMOLED screen tilt
•   Built-in flash and electronic viewfinder
•   ISO 100-12800

New whole range of Leica products to be announced on May the 10th?

Image of the invitation from Steve Huff

Steve Huff just got a special invitation from Leica for a new event on May 10th. Leica says a “whole range of new product” will be launched. Steve says that the date itself suggests that the M10 could be launched. Leica is also working on a new mirrorless system with electronic viewfinder and maybe they are going to announce that too. That is going to be intriguing. Let’s hope leaks will arrive soon!

A (unlikely?) Sony NEX roadmap rumor from China

Real or not this is the very last rumor floating around the chines XITEK forum. While I am pretty sure the NEX-F3 rumor the rest could be a “fake” guess. Anyway, I hope the rumor is real because I like that rumored Full Frame NEX-9 :)

Sony NEX roadmap:
NEX the F3, C3, an upgraded version, 2012 (March)
NEX 5G, 18.3 million pixels, as the upgrade version of 5N 2012 (September)
Full Frame NEX in late 2013.

Samsung NX300 coming in July?

The naked NX20

One of our sources sent us a short info about one of the new Samsung NX cameras. According to him the NX-300 has the same NX-20 design but without EVF. It will be released in July.

Overall I am really curious to see what Samsung will do. Their NX system didn’t have the success they looked for. And the competition is becoming stronger (See Fuji Nikon and in short future Canon). They really have to “invent” something big in order to succeed!

Pentax roadmap and new adpaters.

It’s time to give you an update about the tiniest of all mirrorless system cameras, the Pentax Q! Pentaxforum (Click here) got his hands on the new Q mount lens roadmap. As you see there will be:
– a new telephoto zoom -> should be a 80-200mm lens.
– a new wide-angle prime.
– a new telephoto prime.
– a toy “body cap” lens.

And the japanese company Rayqual (Click here) announced new M- and G-mount adapters for the Pentax Q system.

So the Q system is slowly getting mature and we have to see if this will help the camera sales which weren’t that spectacular outside Japan.