The two next mirrorless cameras: The Panasonic G3 and the Pentax NC-1?

The picture above shows the very first mirrorless design made by Pentax in 1997. Yeah…that wa slong before Micro Four Thirds came! And it is no secret anymore that Pentax will soon show their first mirrorless camera. According to Photorumors that camera could be the “NC-1”. There are no spec now but the camera should feature a smaller than APS-C sensor and be announced in March.

But before that Panasonic will launch a new G3 camera in February. New sensor new design and FullHD recording are the main improvements (Source: 43rumors).

Also Nikon, Olympus and Sony are ready to drop their bombs. So who is missing? Canon! Where are you?

Leica R-solution is nothing else than a mirrorless camera?

Via Leicarumors we learned that LUF member toke notes during a meeting in October 2010 between Stephan Daniel and members of the LHSA. They talked about the ”digital R solution” from Leica:

  • The new camera is at the concept stage.
  • It will have EFV.
  • It will be able to use M lenses, probably with an adapter.

According to our sources Leica is working on a mirrorless system with built in EVF. It will take both R and M mount lenses. We also heard that the real problem is the Kodak sensor. Current sensors will not work on a mirrorless system that would use an electronic viewfinder system instead of a rangefinder system. Speculation: Leica is looking for a new partner…Sony instead of Kodak?

EXCLUSIVE: Nikon to launch a mirrorless system in April (with Sony sensor).

[shoplink 100105][/shoplink]Image on top: The analogue [shoplink 100105]Nikon S2[/shoplink] rangefinder

According to our veeeeeery good sources Nikon will unveil their new mirrorless system in April! Nikon developed a very advanced (and expensive) pro system not meant for the amateur market. Nikon chose to go “pro” for two reasons:

1) They wanted to enter the market by offering the very first professional mirrorless system. Current mirrorless systems like the , and most Micro Four Thirds cameras (only exception may be the Panasonic GH2) are competing in the advanced beginner or amateur market.

2) Nikon believes an amateur mirrorless system would not have appealed current mirrorless users and only cannibalize their very good selling entry level DSRL market.

We are currently investigating the possible specs of the first camera and lenses but one of our trusted sources already told us that Nikon will use some kind of “tweaked” Sony sensor. Nikon tested two sensors, a 16 megapixel and a 24 megapixel sensor. We don’t know yet if Nikon will use only one of those or both sensors!

We hope to can give you more details soon…

Nikon to launch a professional mirrorless system in March?

For months we were hearing tons of rumors about Nikon developing a mirrorless system with small sensors (smaller than Micro Four Thirds). But according to the latest rumor from DSLRmagazine this is not true. They had a talk with a “trusted source” which claims to know that Nikon is ready to launch the most professional mirrorless system on market today (NX, NEX and M43). The first camera and lenses should be announced in March 2011!

Now that’s a news. usually DSRLmagazine is well informed about what’s coming next!