Panasonic m4/3 takes the most sexy pictures on the web ;)

Let’s have a little bit of fun :)

Oktrends analyzed photography from a numerical angle. They collected the data from the dating site OkCupid, one of the largest, and most interesting, datasets on the web. This article aggregates 11.4 million opinions on what makes a great photo. Their goal was to see how to take a photo to gain “attractiveness”.

And yes, you have more chance to get a nice picture of you using Panasonic MicroFourThirds cameras! LOL


The mirrorless 3D battle begins! Panasonic announces the first 3D lens!

Sony calls Panasonic answers! The 3D battle is getting hot and today Panasonic announced a new 3D lens which will work on all current $loc = $_SESSION[‘geoip’];

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{?>MicroFourThirds } ?> models! You just need to make a firmware upgrade…that’s it! Sadly, the the lens is expected to be sold by late 2010 and the price has also not be unveiled. The question now is what will work better? The software based 3D form Sony or the optical based 3D from Panasonic? We have to wait to get the answer.

Press release:
DDay (italian)

Fujis Hybrid AF: A way for mirrorless cameras to catch up the AF speed of DSLR cameras?

As you all now fast autofocus is one of the main advantage of classic DSLR cameras. This because a phase detection focus usually works faster than contrast autofocus. But with the release of the F300EXR and the Z800EXR Fuji just introduced a new tecnology called Hybrid AF that will interest many of our MicroFourThirds readers! Fuji found a way to implement phase detection directly on the sensor!

You can find more information on Fujifilms website:

Hybrid Auto Focus System NEW!
One of the disadvantages of longer zoom compacts is relatively slow auto focusing. Typical compacts rely on Contrast Detection, which works by fixing the focus by searching for contrast differentials. Some expensive cameras, including many DSLRs, use two focusing systems in tandem to improve the time taken to auto focus. Phase Detection AF works by dividing the incoming light into pairs of images and calculating the phase difference to find if the object is in front focus or back focus position. Contrast AF is generally better in low-lit scenes, while Phase Detection AF is extremely responsive in good light. Having both systems on one camera is perfect. The FinePix F300EXR uses both Contrast AF and Phase Detection AF to offer auto focus speeds as good as, or sometimes better than expensive DSLRs. To achieve the incredible AF speed of 0.158*1 seconds, Fujifilm engineers placed pairs of phase detection sensors on the EXR sensor, which work exactly like external sensors on DSLRs. The FinePix F300EXR automatically selects the optimum focus system, by measuring the amount of light or contrast in the scene. The benefit for the photographer is immediate and obvious: an almost instantaneous capture of the subject in the viewfinder, with no missed shots or subjects half out-of-frame.

New Ricoh GXR firmware (ver. 1.18)

The new firmware is available here


Version 1.18 (2010. 07. 15)

No. Model applied Details
A12 S10 P10
Modified the following phenomena.
1 applied applied applied In case of attaching the cable switch (CA-1), when half-pressing the shutter release button of the CA-1, it may turn off the camera.
2 applied Macro AF Distance Limit option (On) may be disabled (Off) in some conditions like; replacing a camera unit from the A12 to the other one.
3 applied Even if a shutter speed is changed, the aperture value will not vary in case of the conditions below; S mode, AE locked.
4 applied Noise sound may be recorded into movies when the electrical viewfinder (VF-2) is attached.
Revised or corrected the following.
5 applied applied applied Revised the ISO sensitivity range conditions when shooting with the combination below; S mode, Shutter speed Auto Shift On, and ISO Auto/ISO Auto-Hi.
6 applied Corrected the display of focus distance as 19mm when the conversion lens (DW-6) is attached.
7 applied Revised the upper limit of the ISO sensitivity range as ISO 3200 when shooting in S mode.