Panasonic GF5 announced. Sony NEX-F3 is next!

After multiple leaks the Panasonic GF5 is finally here and already available for preorder at Amazon (Click here). Full news and reviews coverage is available at 43rumors (Click here). If all the rumors I am getting are correct than the next new mirrorless camera announcement will be from Sony in a couple of weeks. The new NEX-F3 (NEX-C3 successor) should arrive. It will be even smaller than the NEX-C3 but not as small as the GF5.

One more thing: Leica announcement is on May 10th and than one more announcement from Samsung is also coming…

Sony launches the NEX-FS700. Panasonic to counterattack on Thursday!

We are getting closer to the NABshow in Las Vegas and Sony is the first company to announce a new mirrorless camcorder! The NEX-FS700 you see here on top looks quite..well…unbalanced with that 18-200mm E-Mount lens on it :) Sony missed it to introduce some new high quality NEX zoom lens for filmmakers. With the 18-200mm that camera is pretty much like a Tiger in prison, or a Ferrari driven by Massa or a Djokovic forced to dance ballet :)
That said here is the full press release including specs: Sony Europe. There is no info about the price yet. But early rumors said it would cost around $8,000.

But good for Sony that also Panasonic seems to not be fully awake from the hibernation. Their new 12-35mm and 35-100mm X zoom lenses have been delayed again and will hit the stores by end of summer only. nevertheless Panasonic will introduce a new AG-AF camcorder on Thursday April 5th (yes that Thursday). Also the GF5 will be announced along the new camcorder. But that is not really a surprise anymore as specs and images leaked a long while ago!

P.S.: Canon si going to introduce a new “mini” C300 camera.

Canon G1X interview at (Click here) had a long interview with the team that developed the Canon G1X. Interesting that they said a G1X camera with interchangeable lens would have not been possible to develop. Panasonic proved with the 14-42mm X lens that it is possible. The Four Thirds sensor size has been used for an optimal miniaturization of the body and lenses. And than they got an easy answer about the possibility to make a G1X camera with interchangeable lens mount: “I think it’s technically possible“. Yeah of course, question is only when you will do it! :)

Fuji X PRO 1 in Venice, Amsterdam and tomorrow in USA (And new reviews).

During my work in Venice I spotted the Fuji X PRO 1 in a small store close to Canal Grande. Actually a bog surprise for me to see it there! P.S.: I didn’t buy it because the price was actually higher than the price set by Fuji. Another X PRO 1 has been spotted in Holland at Fotohanskeuzekamp (see image on top). And if all works fine than also our USA readers will have the chance see the X PRO 1 in Stock at BHphoto tomorrow (Click here).

Now let’s talk about the new X PRo 1 tests and reviews that have been posted around the web:
– The Hyperprime 50mm f/0.95 got tested on the new X PRo 1 at f8photography (Click here).
– Image samples at Letsgodigital (Click here).
– X PRO 1 review by Derekclarkphotography (Click here) who says “The sensor alone makes the X-Pro1 worth buying, but even if it had the same sensor as the X100, it would still be a great camera and I highly recommend it.
– Wedding pictures at The Scades (Click here).
– second look and video mode at EosHD (Click here).
– Another review at Cederphotography (Click here) and he compared the image quality with the 5DmarkII (not the new markIII).

Enjoy the reading!

The Fuji X PRO 1 camera can be preordered:
in USA/Canada at Amazon (Click here), Adorama (Click here), Bhphoto (Click here), Epxansys US (Click here) and Expansys Canada (Click here).
in Europe at Jessops UK (Click here), eBay Italy (Click here) and Expansys UK (Click here).
in Asia at Amazon Japan (Click here) and eBay Japan (Click here).

New Mirrorless reviews and news

Here is a short recap of some mirrorless related news of the week:

Canon G1X versus Panasonic GX1 test at DCfever (Click here).
Canon G1 X exhibits light leak / internal reflection (Imaging Resource).
Samsung NX200 review at Imaging Resource (Click here).
Canon G1X review at DCresource (Click here).
Canon G1X image samples at Photographyreview (Click here).
Samsung considering Android based camera (Engadget).
Olympus E-M5 video at Quesabesde (Click here).
Ricoh will release the A16 24-85mm f/3.5-5.5 on March 23th (DSRLcamera)
Samsung NX200 review at DigitalPhotographySchool (Click here).

New Canon mirrorless renderings from David Riesenberg

David Riesenberg (Click here) used his skills to create a wonderful Canon mirrorless camera concept: “Like many others, I too have been waiting for quite a while for Canon to release its mirrorless system. There are speculations and indications that they may very well do so this year, but I personally grew a bit restless. Because of this, I decided to put to paper, or rather to CAD and rendering software, my vision of such camera. After about a month of learning, debating, modeling and rendering, the Canon AE-D came to life.

His images are now spreading all over the web! The first image you see on top of this post goes in the same direction of the Olympus E-M5. The second rendering gets rid of the viewfinder.

Great work David! Now let’s hope Canon isn’t that far away with the real thing that will be shown at Photokina!

New future Pentax lens show and Canon G1 X test roundup

Image via Mike Kobal (Click here).

New Pentax K and Q mount lenses pictures popped up at the Imaging show in Brimingham (Amateur Photographer). A first K-01 preview has been posted by Pentax Germany (Click here). Do companies now start to make reviews of their own products?

The Canon G1 X is also Canon G1 X test at (Click here to read the google translation).

Head to Head: Canon G1 X Vs. Canon G12 at Digitalcamerainfo (Click here).

Canon PowerShot G1 X Review – Part 1 at EosHD (Click here).

G1X test by Mike Kobal (Click here).

G1X Preorders are available at Amazon (Click here), Adorama (Click here) and BHphoto (Click here).