Zeiss officially unveils the two “Touit” lenses for the Sony and Fuji mirrorless systems.


Zeiss finally unveiled the specs of the new 12mm f/2.8 and 32mm f/1.8 Sony NEX and Fuji X mount lenses. They also gave the new range lens a name of a bird…”Touit“. Not really sexy :)
Both lenses should ship in June while a third lens (the 50mm f/2.8 macro) will come in late 2013. You can read all about the new lenses at lenses.zeiss.com.

Here are the lens characteristics:


  • Mr.Tritium

    Zeiss 1.8/32? Sony already makes a stabilized 1.8/35 and fuji has a 1.4/35…
    Considering The Zeiss lens usual price tag I doubt those will sell well…

  • JCC

    Are these auto focusing! If not then they have no chance.

  • TM

    Touit = TwoEight as in F2.8?

  • jake

    these look like overpriced boring primes, Zeiss is arrogantly thinking about some idiots pay this much for a dim DX prime just for its name, but most of people do not fork out this much for dim boring primes like these.

  • MdB

    Where have you been? These are DEFINITELY af lenses.

  • BdV

    Really? I didn’t see anything about AF on the zeiss page. Unless the AF motor says touit.

  • Poki

    Well, Zeiss talks about these AF lenses since Photokina 2012, and they said at least 20 times they are autofocus lenses … Isn’t that enough? Okay, then read about their AF motors on the product page of the 32mm lens …

  • jake

    it really does not matter it is AF or MF , for this kind of dim decade old looking optics , no rational people pay this amount of money, not because they cannot afford but boycott a brand like this arrogant to charge this much money for a f2.8 boring prime.

    it is even not a FF lens and 1400USD?
    Zeiss got too arrogant this time.

  • BdV

    Ah! Interesting! That is just the part I am missing on the 12mm page.

  • Poki

    What the heck are you talking about? First, they look modern (well, looks is subjective, right?), second, it’s an 2.8 UWA prime! The Fuji 14mm 2.8 costs €899, the Sony 10-18mm f/4 costs just as much. So if the Zeiss is superior to these two, a price between €1000 to €1200 is totally okay.

    AND: We don’t yet know the price. Why are you telling us it costs 1400? Nobody knows how much they will really be.

    And finally: Since when is it arrogant to offer better quality for a bit higher prices? The price difference is nowhere near arrogant.

  • BdV

    You’re not just putting yourself a bit too much in the center of the universe? “Pay this much”? How much? Maybe too much for some?

    I think we’ll see about the forking out when they become available.