Wild rumors: Fuji wants to buy Olympus?

As you all know Olympus is facing a serious time because of the accounting fraud accusations. Olympus shares lost almost two thirds of their value. And now Bloomberg (Click here) reports that: “Fujifilm, which makes equipment for medical scans, has been reported as a possible bidder for Japanese camera maker Olympus Corp. Yamamoto, who also is a board member at Fujifilm, declined to comment on a possible buyout of Olympus today. Fujifilm Chief Executive Officer Shigetaka Komori said last month it was too early to discuss Olympus issues while the third-party panel was still probing the fraud at the camera maker.

As usual these are very wild rumors. So don’t care to much about it….yet.


  • Munio

    Let me dream just a bit: Fuji sensor + Olympus lenses

  • Mikey

    Well i read somewhere that the hybrid viewfinder in the x100 was built by Olympus. Fujifilm also said to expect the hybrid viewfinder in other cameras by other makers do we know they don’t own the technology.

    Fujifilm already knows how to make quality lenses so they don’t need them for that. They probably also don’t care for the four thirds format either but Olympus engineers are pretty damn smart and would add some extra expertise to their company.

  • Miroslav

    If they kept the micro four thirds line alive, it would be great news.

  • Don Pope

    Olympus colors deserve to go on.

  • Sahaja

    This would be probably be good for Olympus – but what would it bring to Fuji?
    Sure Olympus know how to make great, lenses but so do Fuji.

    Fuji are already said to be working on an interchangeable lens camera system similar to the X100. Why would they need a m43 or want camera?

  • spanky

    Fuji sensors in Oly mirrorless bodies makes a ton of sense, as do Fuji sensors in perhaps APS-C sized Olympus-derived bodies. I’d buy one. Still looking for a mirrorless E-5 as my ideal camera.

  • TR