What the hell? General Electrics will eneter the mirrorless market!



CNET Asia talked with a spokesperson from General Electrics who said that “GE is looking to introduce its first Micro Four Thirds-like camera before the end of 2011“. Interesting that they said “Micro Four Thirds like” and not “mirrorless” or “CSC” or “ILC”. General Electrics is already producing digital cameras (the GE cameras). There are no details about the future mirrorless cameras.

  • Terry Sham

    Maybe they are just going to share the Kenko’s system.

  • Mr Hipsta

    Maybe this news was supposed to be published tomorrow… lol

  • Bob B.

    Will it have a spin cycle?

  • EE

    GE’s in the camer business? Why? haahaha

  • jrsisson

    instant turd..

    • Bob B.

      Now..now…I said spin cycle..not flush cycle…. :-)

  • John Bowen

    Nice. GE already makes some pretty good (not great, not awful) pocket camera offerings. I’d love to see what they have in mind for an inexpensive large sensor compact.

  • WyldRage

    I’m curious, if only to see what an american company will make.

    • Bob B.

      Apparently: “GE cameras are not made by General Electric. The cameras are made for and sold by General Imaging who licences the GE name and logo from GE”. I got that from thm over on Micro 4/3 Rumors.

  • ivan

    i think that better hedline would be: “What the hell? General Electrics will eneter the EVIL market!”

    • Bob B.

      GOOD ONE! LOL!

  • cosinaphile

    that`s interesting news , i would love to see the vile enormity that is
    GE leave its niche as anti-human weapons manufacturer and disaster prone fukishima reactor maker, and instead produce something of technological beauty meaning and utility the the human family….. i wonder if its possible , after all zeiss and leica made optical instruments and weapons sights periscopes and the like for nazi germany at one time ,and look at them now

  • Chris

    I remember when working at a camera store, we had a GE camera. It was simply a rebranded fuji camera. I’m sure it will be a similar rebranding of some brands mirrorless offering, though what is potentially interesting is the cost at which GE normally sold their cameras (relatively cheap).

  • EE

    looks like they do budget Costco type cameras…. but man, just seems like, what’s the point, ya know?

  • Matsuoka

    Agreed. Most likely a Kenko system with a GE logo on it