Tomorrow Fuji X-M1 announcement. Full specs leaked!


Our Japanese friend and source from Digicaminfo got the full specs of the X-M1:

– 16.3 million pixels X-Trans APS-C CMOS
– ISO200-6400 (100,12800,25600 as extension)
– -1/4000 Seconds 30 seconds, shutter speed (160 seconds in the S / M mode) sync 1/180 sec
– 920,000 dot 3.0-inch, 3:2 aspect ratio can tilt up and down.
– The shooting speed (for 10 consecutive frame 50 continuous frames, in RAW with JPEG) 5.6 frames / second
– Video 1920×1080 30p, 1280×720 30p
– Sound Linear PCM Stereo
– Mode dial
– Advanced Auto function
– Can be operated with one hand
– Wi-Fi, smart phone transmission function
– Built-in flash, super i flash function
– Media SD / SDHC / SDXC
– The size is 116.9 x 66.5 x 39.0mm
– 330g (including battery, media), 280g weight (only body)
– Expected Release Date (body color of some September) July 27
– Estimated retail price of ¥ 75,000 before and after body

Stay tuned! Announcement is expected tomorrow (June 25) at 6-7am London time. I will be here to give you all live updates!
  • crystallize

    75k yen translates to roughly $750. Is that with the lens or without, though?

    “Estimated retail price of ¥ 75,000 before and after body”

  • kona_moon

    Translation correction: estimated price of AROUND 75000 Yen for body, rather than “before and after”.

    I think I’m going to order one.

  • PsYcHo

    Impressive, the only thing it lacks is a good sensor stabilization imho. It really improves the picture sharpness on the P5 and OMD at low shutter speedS.

  • JMaverick

    If they’ve done something about manual controls in movie mode, I’m in.

  • JMaverick

    If they’ve done something about manual controls in movie mode, I’m in.

  • Cyril

    If AF is fast with 35mm F1.4…maybe i will buy it instead of E-P5.

    • Gaffman

      I can’t see it being THAT fast. But perhaps fast enough if you get a chance to try it out.

  • Freddiedy

    Seriously do you Olympus pricks sorry fans have to be on message all the damn time.Image stabilization in any of its guises is of very limited use unless static shots in low light are all you photograph. Any movement will cause motion blur at too slow a shutter speed above a certain speed it is useless if you can use any kind of camera support it is useless so you are left with a very narrow window of use.The now dead four thirds cameras from Olympus had IBIS for years didn’t help sell many did it , same script in the DSLR world Sony and Pentax offer IBIS worked out well for them !.

    As time moves on there are more and more lenses with OIS in every system in Nikon FF you can go from 16mm all the way to 1200mm { 1800mm equiv on DX} with OIS or VR lenses

  • james

    Come on. Don’t be so judgmental/rude. OIS is great. It’s never been about freezing your subject, its about steadying the shooter’s hand so of course its less useful in action shots. But I tell you this, all else being equal, i would always want it if I had the option because when not needed you just turn it off. It’s also not just for low light. It also allows shooting at lower ISO in normal light and helps people with less steady hands in all light.

    And i don’t own a single Olympus camera 😉

  • Karen G.

    Finally! At least someone soberly said true words about that notorious sensor stabilization! Thank you,Freddiedy!

  • tony


    stabilisation is totally overrated. People should just try switching off their stab. and see if their images get worse. Because if they, as you say shoot anything but static scenes in the dark they won’t notice any difference.

    Besides, any stabilisation without tripod detection ruins images if not turned off. Since I often forget turning it off, I have it deactivated at default and only activate it when I shoot darker indoors like museum/galleries or cityscapes.