The faked Fuji fullframe :)

Plenty of reader here are waiting the day someone will release a Full Frame mirrorless that doens’t cost like a car. The dream is growing that much that a Fuji X E-1 owner added some gimmicks on his camera to make it look like a Leica M camera. Found via Fujirumors!

  • Johnson C.

    This is a X-E1! =D

    • admin

      Right! That stitched optical viewfinder confused me :)

  • Camaman


    I think if someone would put a bit more effort into it it would look flawless! :-)

  • Pattimahn

    LOL! If I didn’t receive my very own plastic scale model OM-D (off eBay tw) just YESTERDAY, I would have been a bit confused looking at this faked image!

  • y3k

    best strap ever:)

  • Sergio

    On photo forums, in general, people post awesome photos. But when it comes to taking a picture of their gear, they are the worst photos ever.

  • ed

    I am one of those people eagerly waiting for either sony or fuji to deliver on the full frame mirrorless. I think i like the leica m3 the best of all rangefinders that i have ever seen and so i hope fuji will offer their mirrorless in a similar style like the x100 small but ver functional and with style. Although the x100 felt a compared to the xpro1. But the real improvements needed are with the sensor. The xtrans sensor is very close but needs slightly more megapixels for detail in landscape shots say 18 to 30mp range. Also the way the xtrans sensor represents objets in tue distance such as in lndscapes looks unrealistic some times. Evefyone k.ows the high iso is incredible thkough. Finally i would like to see some slight improvement in dynamic range. Better darker black levels mean better more film like photographs.