That is not an April fools joke: Modified Sigma DP with interchangeable M-mount!



I long asked Sigma to make a DP series with interchangeable lens mount. And someone in China listened to me :)

Over at Taobab (translation here) they are selling modified Sigma DP cameras with an M-mount!!! You have to send in your Sigma DP camera and for1880.00 Yuan ($300 or 230 Euro) they will add you the M-mount. And they plan to add more mounts in future! Sounds great! Will let you know if some of these cameras hit on eBay. Meantime…meditate Sigma..meditate… and give us a serious mirrorless and interchangeable system with an excellent new generation of foveon sensors!

More info at X-3club (google translation). Click on the images below to see a larger version:

  • Brendan

    This is great but it may have one flaw. The microlenses on the foveon sensor are probably not offset for short rear nodal distances (such as is the case for almost all M lenses). This means that performance of the M lenses wont be nearly as good as the specially designed sigma fixed lens. You see this problem with using M lenses on most other mirrorless cameras. Corner sharpness is greatly reduced and the image quality just doesnt do the lenses justice. Foveon do make offset microlens sensor versions, but I would check what type is in the sigma DP before spending money on this.

    • Rolleiflex

      FYI, this is done on a DP camera with a fixed lens. For a compact design, the rear element of the lens should be fairly closed to the sensor, hence the micro-lenses should be tuned for such short distance.

      • Brendan

        You’d think that should be true of any mirrorless camera, but it usually isn’t and they perform much better with SLR lenses than rangefinder lenses. Maybe they engineer the DP lenses to have a very wide exit pupil to reduce the angle of incidence at the edges the sensor.

      • Brendan

        Also, I’m not sure about the DP3, but at least with the DP 1 & 2, the rear element is not fixed, it moves out with the lens when turned on so the distance to the sensor is relatively large (comparable to Nex/Fuji/MFT) I think

  • El

    They look very impressive. More like a machine rather than a camera. Grip would be horrible and everything seems to be manual. Looks nice to see but Feel OK to hold? I wonder…

  • Marc

    It’s Yuan not Yen.

    • lorenzaccio

      yup, そうですね!
      Pity, because 1880 or so yen for this kind of modification would be a steal 😀

  • Fants

    Very interesting. I’m intrigued to see A. how the three different DPM sensors work with Leica glass, presuming each one of them has a different microlens array (which may or may not be true) designed specifically for their original lens, and B. how exactly they’ve gotten around the shutter issue. The translation is really rough, but it seems like they’ve made their own mechanical shutter that is controlled by the camera. If so, that’s pretty cool, and I’m surprised they only charge $300 for it.

  • camaman

    Excellent, now do that on the Fuji X100s!

    • kickars

      Or even better, do it on a RX1! And somehow give the Zeiss lens that comes with the RX1 a M mount. So, there’ll be no ‘waste’…

      • Rolleiflex

        Then you need to take a hard look at the Zeiss Sonnar. The rear element is much bigger than the M-mount. If I have the skills to modify the RX1, I would make my own new mount with bigger throat size than the E-mount and the same flange distance. Then it would be much more flexible to adapt anything out there. Not that the RX1 sensor would play nice with the M-mount WA.

    • Miroslav

      +1 for Fuji.

  • Pb

    hahahahaha! yesssss! I have been waiting for this!!! i’d so get one if the foveon sensor works well with Leica glass (but at this point the edge sharpness looks like a bit of a let down

    • Pb

      i take that back about the edge sharpness! the pictures look amazing!

  • xxx

    Very cool.

  • physica

    It’s TaoBao ….. a Mainland china’s eBay …… TaoBao is means “Treasure Hunting” in chinese

    BTW, it’s RMB$1880 instead of JPY$1880 , if it’s JPY$1880 , it’s really cheap but worth to do so 😀

  • john

    If I’m not mistaken, the Foveon sensor requires light to penetrate the sensor in a specific way. I don’t expect the sensors to perform well using non-Sigma lenses and if you look through the examples you see some weird stuff happening like this:

    It’s actually strange that the color cast appears in the center where correct information should be recorded due to a favorable angle of penetration. It makes sense though if one assumes that the color cast is a result of heavy correction in favor of the corners. From the jpgs its hard to judge but I’d also expect the corners to be rather mushy.

  • sabawa

    i smell bs… with all the different shots shown, why isnt there one showing the mount/into the sensor area? the one shown is out of focus where the important bits are.

    the front of the camera is probably easy to remove on its own to shoot it mounted to the machined parts.

  • ffffffffff

    the Foveon sensor delivers anomalies at nearly all settings and is essentially only useable at or very near base ISO

  • Zaph

    Agree, though it’s pretty well done if it’s a fake. But like you say, they would show the end product, with the sensor showing.