So, it sounds like we will still have to wait a bit before to see the first "cheap Leica" Full Frame mirrorless. Sony is going to announce a new E-mount Full Frame camcorder that will likely cost a lot and be uninteresting for 99,9% of us poor photographers :)

Anyway there is hope that Sony may announce a sort of E-mount FF NEX-7 alike camera in 2013. But it still want be a fulfilled system as it is rumored that there want be any E-mount native Full Frame lenses. You will very likely need an adapter for Alpha or M Mount lenses. And current NEX lenses will work in crop mode. I don't think that is a super tempting system. Would have been nice to have a full new system with native FF lenses included right from the start...

Let's hope Fuji will do it...Fuji are you listening?

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