Some Leica stuff gets leaked (still no M10 image).


The leaking time before Photokina keeps going. The image on top shows the new Leica LX7 alike camera. And below there is the new Leica super zoom. Still no image of the upcoming M10 camera. We are patiently waiting..

  • Daniel

    WOW nobody thought that those cameras would come :-) A Leica Panasonic LX 7 and a FZ200. Hope Leica gets more out of the FZ200 than Panasonic did.

  • hung

    BWAHAAHAHA, ok, expensive crap as usual.

  • Camaman

    The LX7 rebrand I can somewhat understand, but the superzoom…
    Why Leica? Whyyyyyy?

    When I read superzoom, I thought maybe they are making new m43 superzoom.
    Maybe 14-150mm
    Or something even more cool like 12-60mm f2.8-4.0

  • David

    I like the lens on that small camera.

  • Common Sense

    Are these Leica cameras or Panasonic with red dot and doubled price?
    Such a “leica cameras” is a fraud and it should be forbidden by law.
    There should be clear marking on any product, including panasonic ..oh sorry, leica ;-))))))) cameras who made them. This should be fundamental right of customer to know the real maker.
    Personally i doubt if leica is capable to produce ANYTHING on their own. They might assemble some lenses by putting together glass made by Schott Glas and mechanical parts made in china. As you guess, electronics for “leica” lenses are made by Panasonic. But …. the price is made by …. you guessed !!! by leica ;-)))))))))))))))
    What a shame

    • Graham

      Your point is really not valid. Do you realize how much collaboration happens across all industries? Cars are also rebadged by different makers, for example. Many clothing brands do the same, simply sewing in their own labels. It’s up to the consumer to assess each product and brand and make up his own mind. No-one is ever forced into buying a Leica.


    like always Leica is late with everything it does.

  • David

    Leica missed the prom by about a year. With the RX100 available, I don’t see anyone buying this camera.

  • 007

    how do you say too little too late in german?

  • Ed

    Glancing at that logo made me think Coca-Cola made this.

  • Tony

    All the D lux cameras do say made in Japan on the product info label on the base and secondly apart from the S range of lenses which Leica made lenses have electronics

  • Jackhammer

    LOL @ your stupidity. You do realise that Leica CURRENTLY make the best cameras and lenses in the world, right? In case you don’t know—-go see the M9, M9-P, and MM. Also go look at pretty much any of their lenses.

    The Panasonic rebadged Leicas are of their lowest range….and are still great cameras, just not developed solely by Leica. It doesn’t mean they don’t make amazing pieces of equipment otherwise….

  • Ragnarok

    You mean Panasonic.

  • Mike


    @admin. Can you find a better software? You reply to a comment and it ends up under someone else comment it they post before you.

  • admin

    COmplete redesign coming in early 2013 :)