Sigma DP3 Merrill Pics And Specs Leaked


Spanish site dslrmagazine (translated) posted pictures and specifications of the DP3 Merrill, the latest edition of the Merrill that Sigma is going to present at CES 2013.

The DP3 comes with a 50mm f/2.8 lens, and it is the allrounder among the three Merrills. It features an APS-C sized Foveon X3 direct image sensor, has aburst rate of 7fps, A three-inch TFT LCD with a resolution of 920,000 dots. The measures are 121.5 x 66.7 x 80.6 mm for a weight of 400 grams.

[via dslrmagazine]


  • Miroslav

    A 75mm F2.8 fixed lens camera! Wow, that’ll be of limited use :).

    This may also mean that they’ll soon announce a 50mm F2.8 mirrorless lens, as they did with the lenses of DP1 and DP2.

  • Mike

    The Burst Rate is faster than the one of the SD1! But I see no big difference to the DP2M, just 8mm different focal length with the same aperture…

    • Mike

      Ah, it’s the real focal length, no equivalent! Then it’s a different story

  • JoeBenjamin

    Who would put a 50mm (75mm equivalent in full frame terms) on a fixed-lens APS-C camera?!

    • salesdeplatamadrid

      First of all: sorry, English is not my native language; I don’t get it either… is it a 75mm lens (due to crop factor) or a “real” 50mm (which I assume would be something like a 35mm but they’ve written the equivalent focal lenght of 50mm due to crop factor)?

  • Arthur

    May be it is a marketing strategy for Sigma….. I is more likely to own a combo of 28mm & 50mm instead of 28mm & 45mm??

  • soundimageplus

    I suspect that if you are going to make a fixed lens camera then 50mm APS-C (75mm in 35mm terms) is about as long as you can go. Sigma might have considered that people would buy a set or two cameras however, and I like others here would have much preferred a longer lens. 85mm would be great, 60mm not so useful but better than 50mm for me.

    As Arthur wrote there is of course now the option to use 19mm and 50mm cameras, which is a reasonable if not especially exciting range.

    I’ve got the DP2M and if I’m using one camera I’ll keep that. Doubt I’d buy all three, though it is tempting, since the IQ from the DP2M is breathtaking.

    Seems this is Sigma’s alternative to an interchangeable lens system. Its an interchangeable camera system!

  • John Maverick

    Make one in M mount with good performance and a bunch of people will be all over the camera.

  • Milan

    So instead of a system camera with interchangeable lenses Sigma went a different road: buy three cameras to use 3 different lenses. The strategy would be ok if these cameras were pretty cheap OR very mature in technology, but given their price and the fact that they are a work in progress kind of thing, it seems too much investment for anyone to buy these 3 cameras.

    Aldo i don’t know why they didn’t go f/2.0 instead of 2.8. The Canon EOS-M has a 2.0 pancake with good performance. The Fuji X100 also has a 2.0 lens. Samsung NX has a 30mm 2.0 pancake too. All sfr the same sensor size and they are smaller than Sigma’s lenses. Given the poor high ISO performance of the Foveon sensor and Sigma’s expertise in lens development, it seems like a weird decision.

  • John

    It’s gotta be a 75mm macro… makes sense. Instead of buying a bunch of $1000 lenses, they just make you buy $1000 cameras each time you need a different lens.

    • Dean

      “Make you buy”? Are they forcing you to buy anything? If you don’t like it, move on, don’t be a whining brat.

    • atomtll

      Yeah, but theyre NOT $1000 lenses…pretty sure the 19mm I got for my Nex6 is the same 19 on my DP1M…at least thats what the similar CA would tell me.

  • Welch Bounds

    Sigma doesn’t even have enough sense to just slavishly copy Sony.

  • Al

    I’d like to have the DP1M for landscape. I have the 19mm on my M 4/3 and I am happy with its performance.

  • simon

    soo cool. just what I would have wished for. perfect for product shots or landscape stitching, with that focal length and that sensor you will get huuuuge files. very good if you want to do some “digital shifting” then you need a lot of resolution to get very good corners.

    I think it is great what sigma is doing, the are providing real alternatives to slrs or nex/x/mft, they have a unique system, definitely not for everyone but a real alternative or extension to the standard systems available. and that should be greatly welcomed, there not nearly enough movement in the camera industry for my taste. great that at least somebody is trying to really move forward.

  • peevee

    7 fps? Did they solved the slow read-out speed?

    • nasic

      Isn’t it 4fps on dp1m and dp2m? I wouldn’t define it slow.

      • atomtll

        Oh dont be mistaken…its VERY slow…but ya just get used to it. Until you switch to just RAW and then you get to get used to it all over again. 50mb on large raw. But damn they are insanely gorgeous…even my girlfriend picked up on the “3D-esque” nature of the X3

  • Sam Waldron

    M mount would be awesome with IBIS an EVF and focus peaking.

    Slap on a Voigtlander 15mm, 35mm Cron and a 90mm and you would be away laughing.

    An absolute compact detail monster in decent light.

  • Abraham

    Oh please please sigma, make a studio body for m43rds with Foveon tech…

  • Ted

    Can we please make a version with interchangable lenses/ I want to see this sensor with a Summilux Aspherical on it so we can see all the detail.

  • salesdeplatamadrid

    I’ve just realize that DP2 is 45mm so it makes no sense to make DP2 with 45mm and DP3 with 50; it should be a 75mm… it’s a pitty that they didn’t decide to make it a 85 or 90mm, then you could have DP1 with 28, DP2 with 45 and DP3 with 90… great kit for everything from landscapes to portraits :-)

  • MrTritium

    The focal length written on the lens is always the real focal length, not the eq. focal length.

  • Mike

    For Portraits F2 or faster would be necessary. Could be for Macro work, as the word “Macro” also appears on the lens

  • Mike

    Could be a different view on the “Normal Prime”. The calculated value for the Human Field of view is close to 45mm (I think 43mm equiv. or something)

  • MrTritium

    Arthur, use your brain please. DPxM have respectively 19,30 and 50 mm REAL focal lengths, so the FF EQUIVALENT focal lengths are 28, 45 and 75 mm.

    Therefore it’s not a marketing strategy from Sigma, unless they are assuming their clients are dumbasses.

  • obican

    Came here to say that :)

  • Ke

    It’s a 1.7 crop sensor, so it’s an 85mm FOV.

  • John

    Another internet tough guy… I wasn’t being negative. I own the DP2m and like their approach… so don’t you feel like a fool now?

  • El Aura

    It used to be a 1.7x sensor, it is now a 1.5x sensor. Just click through to the cached pages of the Spanish publication: “un visor óptico adaptado al ángulo de toma de 75 mm.”