Samsung NX20 to be announced in February?



According to two of our sources Samsung will announce the SAMSUNG NX-20 in February. The camera will than be available in April. One of our sources told us that it has a retro design with 1.8M EVF, manual control and swivel amoled display. It has the same NX-200 sensor but a better processor and buffer. The retail stores price is $950 only body for NX-20. There will be two new lenses, the 16-80mm and 12-24mm and a new Flash.

Sounds pretty amazing, a sort of “cheaper” Fuji X PRO 1 :)

  • hexx

    or sort of Nex-7 knock-off, it’s samesong after all

    • camerman

      Well, Samsung has to compete with their competitors after all…and Sony is one of them. I don’t really care if its a knock off, inspired by, or a clone as long as it does a good job and it’s not 1400 bucks. God, I so do not want to pay 1400 or 1700 [Fuji x1] clams for a mirrorless camera. If Sammy can give people an equivalent for a cheaper price, who with a right mind will want to fork out 400 more if they could avoid it? I just hope Samsung can style the body better than the Sony inspired pack of matches body with a grip look.
      If we’re honest with ourselves these cameras are all knock offs of point and shoot digital cameras anyways…as they have no mirror box either. It’s a camera with no mirror box,interchangeable lenses…they’re pretty much all clones of each other, depends on what maker gives you what and for how much. One thing about the Fuji though..they better learn to make their x1 pro cameras more cheaper, cause at the price of 1700 body only, they will have to depend on rich enthusiasts, cause at the same price, [ except for compactness] the dslr equivalent is a better buy in every way, for quality, for use of long teles, for lens selection, for support. Fuji better not start becoming a small niche camera maker or they will end up making good cameras that most people can not afford.

  • Jesse

    This so called RF niche market is not so niche anymore and looks pretty mainstream to me with all the announced rf lately. All fine with me since i still like my canon QL-19 (canon are you reading this? a QL RF with the GX1 sensor hint hint). Probably a very interesting market with a high margin. Lets hope that the competition will make prices go down.

  • Dummy00001

    Ticks lots of boxes, but:

    > The retail stores price is $950 only body for NX-20.

    ouch! Fuji and Sony started the dangerous trend.

  • Miserere

    I’m writing a script for a short movie titled The Agony and the Ecstasy of the Samsung Photographer. I’m looking for actors; anyone interested? 😀

    C’mon, Samsung! Release the damn thing already!

  • DaStar

    “Sounds pretty amazing, a sort of “cheaper” Fuji X PRO 1”

    Yeah right. A micro four turds sensor is right in the neighborhood like the x-pro sensor.

    • Miserere

      What are you talking about “micro-4/3”? Samsung uses APS-C sensors…

    • Yaz

      ahhahahha fail!

  • Peter

    Am I the only one who hates this retro style fashion developed by Fuji? Keep the NX10 style or add more grip to NX200 design pls!

    • NEXTL

      You´re not the only one. That´s the reason why I like the NEX-7 design so much. It isn´t retro and it isn´t a DSLR like style but innovative and functional with a great grip.

      • Peter

        Seams like retro brings some dangerous trend. More RETRO, more $ to buy!!

    • Esa Tuunanen

      Retro for the sake of retro is for those who haven’t gotten over analog mechanical film era.

  • Photon Phil

    Um, you may be. Retro is good.

  • Antoine

    Not my favourite vintage camera design, but this new trend looks interesting although not very creative. People are finally realising how charmless modern cameras looked.

  • sam Waldron

    Interesting – if true, it will be very interesting indeed.

    Good looking EVF, good sensor, decent lenses (although no compact telephoto).

    I don’t have much faith in Samsung producing a beautiful design though but i’d love to be proved wrong.

    Definately going to save my pennies over the next few months and see what unfolds – potentially a swag of really interesting compact higher end cameras:

    Rich GXR A16 M module
    Fujo X Pro 1
    NEX-7 (getting into the hands of real photographers)
    Sammy NX20
    Olympus OMD (only if their sensor design has advanced)
    Leica mirrorless later in the year

    Interesting times!

  • Anonymous

    If it will have IBIS, I’m jumping ship!

  • ras

    lol, that pic of the konica is by dante stella. you know he’s a lawyer, right? 😀

  • Bob B.

    Samsung really doesn’t get it…they have a lot of money and just keep throwing stuff at the wall hoping it will stick.
    This will be another mediocre offering I am sure.

  • Kylberg

    The NX 10 has good handling I think, a friend has one. The also have a decent amount of lenses – anyone knows about lens quality? They have pancake, light wide angle and normal lens, a 60mm macro and a very impressive 85/1.4.

  • Miroslav

    No more retro, please!

  • KJTY

    I like the retro

  • nerk

    I can’t help but wonder how long it will take before we all get sick of this faux-rangefinder fashion renaissance and remember all the things that actually improved with digital compacts. Parallax error, VF placement, live view, articulating screens…

  • Anonymous

    I’ll take retro over boring black conventional dslr hump style anyday.

  • camerman

    Having just tried the nx200 briefly today at a local camera store, i have to say it’s not as bad as I thought of it earlier. Sure,I’m still peeved at the fact that there’s no evf port and the price of 890 is way too much, even though the sale price was 599 [190 rebate]. From what I accessed briefly, the cameras AF is much faster than the nx100 or 10, slower by a noticeable tad against the Olympus epm-1. the olympus epm-1 with the new kit is light speed fast…and I believe their claims of it being faster than dslrs.[well for the most part], as i have no scientific study to say if it’s true or not]. The epm-1 af with the kit lens is so fast I don;t know how much faster contrast AF can get in the future.
    Back to the nx200, the shutter lag is also less then the nx100, and the shutter sounds a little bit less of a weak piss then the nx100 sounded .It sounds more responsive. The led screen is really good, though i still did notice the annoying bright jaggies.The body styling, well, I’m not fond of the curved grip and the smaller lens mount base, which seems to make lenses look more protruded then they need to be. But I have to say that the camera is light indeed, and the design lines are really sharp. I mean, REALLY SHARP.When i held the camera I can almost feel the bottom edges cut into my fingers that’s how sharp it is.LOL.Over all.. it is, I would say a mile ahead of the nx100 for sure. Would I get it? Not at 599, and I’m still waiting to see how the nx20 will turn out. But if this camera ever goes down to 299 like it did with my other 2 nx cameras, then I’m going to have t give it some serious consideration. [ In other words, if it’s 299 someday I’ll get it for sure. LOL]

  • TJD

    Ya know after sifting thru all this bullshit …. who gives a shit what it looks or who made it first …. I take about 3,000 pictures a week and usually about 20 of those get published in magazines somewhere. Newer is not always better. I use Nikon D90’s …. ya know why ?? Because they work … EVERYTIME !! Just like before digital photography became popular I used AE-1’s … nothing worse than spending 3-4 hours setting up an exact shot only to have your new trendy piece of shit camera blow the shot. You can find something that you like, that the accessories are affordable, the lenses don’t require a bank loan and a pint of blood to buy and take great pictures … OR … you can buy the latest and (not necessarily) greatest thing that hits the market and then spend your time looking at a real photographer’s pictures in your magazines …. TJD

    • camerman

      Uh….you do know that this a camera rumor site, right? No one comes on here to have deep conversations on photo taking. It’s a place where people talk and B.S about gear, sort of like a sailors bar where sailors come to talk and b.s. about who got laid and when. Everyone knows that you don’t go to a strip bar to look for a relationship and if you’re looking for meaningful photographic conversations on a camera gear rumor site, then you’re on the wrong site, bro.

  • Frosti7


  • James

    uhhh how the hell is it an nex7 knock-off? i’m guessing you’re just another obsessed fanboy. not every mirrorless camera with a viewfinder is coyping sony you know. the nex7 isn’t even retro styled. you could easily argue that sony copied other manufacturers. sure, their copy is done well, but their concept isn’t original. if you didn’t know, sony was one of the later adaptors. in conclusion, shut up.

  • chris

    dude.. you can’t even get the basic facts right..

    all samsung nx camera have a apcs sized sensor like sony nex for example : P

  • DaStar

    I hereby apologize to the reader community. I am a disgrunted micro four turds buyer and am in a personal crusade against that DR-free scam. Somehow i came to the conslusion that sonys nex series and samsung nx series are using the m43 standard which i now know is not the case. That also explains why people were comparing the nex 7 with the x-pro.

  • Fants

    Of course, I hate the NX10 style and love the retro thing! There’s a CHANCE that they’ll make both of us happy…there could be an NX20 in the vein of the NX10 AND a previously-rumored “R1” that could indeed be the camera this post is discussing.

  • Antoine

    Yeah. Keep buying your DSLR elephant craps and let us happy with timeless elegance.

  • c.d.embrey

    No, there are more than you think who dislike Retro.

  • chris

    i also dislike the 4/3 cams too..
    needed to jump in and defend samsung a little bid ^^

  • James

    it’s still cheaper by a few hundred dollars. given that the EVF is good (given the price, it obviously doesn’t need to be the best), and given the nx200’s great sensor that’s comparable to the nex 5n/nex7, I think it’d be a great deal.

  • ronnbot

    Price isn’t bad, especially when you look at the cost of a Nikon V1, lol.

    But then again, like the NX-200, the price is much higher than the previous model.

    Anyway, it was just a matter of time for Samsung to stop using a DSLR-shape (like the NX-10/11) for their EVIL body. Hopefully, it won’t be too retro like the Fuji, and make it more slick/modern like their own NX-200 but w/ an EVF to the side.

    With a better lens selection than NEX and being cheaper than NEX-7 and Fuji Pro, this one is high up on my list. That is unless Olympus pulls a miracle and the OM-D have much better IQ than their PENs.

  • James

    no compact telephoto? is that even possible? i don’t think so. even m4/3 doens’t really have a compact telephoto, although their lenses are smaller in general by nature of physics

    I’m not even gonna bother waiting for the leica. i can already predict it’s going to be too expensive for me without really offering any real advantage over competitors. i’d rather spend the extra money on lenses, that is, if i even had the extra money for a leica to being with!

  • Gabriel

    I guess you forgot the Pentax K-Mount mirrorless 😉 Seems the samsung 16-80 is a reply to the 12-50, at least in term of range, hoping Samsung lense is faster. For the design, my samsung EX1 is quite good looking, strong build, easy to operate and good performer too, only samsung raw files sucks (25Mb for a 10mpx small sensor, 45~50Mo for the nx200 :(

  • Mr M

    You are sounding more like a fanboy than anyone else. Read again hexx’s comment.

    He said, “..sort of nex-7 …. samesong…” and I think he is entitled to his opinion.

    It is well known that Samsung is a major replicator of products and the nX100/200 series bears great similarities to NEX series. It is not far fetch to imagine this new product to look similar to NEX again.

    Anyway, the picture is of an Konica Illa, not the real deal here. Why get so upset over an opinion in a forum ?

    Before the NEX-7 announcement, I have not seen any manufacturers making any digital camera with build in EVF with interchangeable lens body that isnt a M8/9 or an Epson RD1. So i dont know what copy you are talking about here.

  • ihur

    +100 for james! No such thing as knock-off!

  • hexx

    calling me a fanboy is a bit over-stretch here since I own various gadgets from different manufacturers. just get over it :)

  • pelex

    More like, “People are finally realising how charmless modern cameras look now”.
    I do not care for Sonys appearance design-wise. Too sleek, thin, plasticky.

    From their P&S cams, to the Nex 7…they just look so disposable?

    I would welcome a Samsung with vintage rangefinder looks, if they can pull it off.

    Obviously Olympus and Fuji have more legacy to help foster their “retro” looks, while Samsung will have to be more diligent in their pursuit of a vintage appearance….without “borrowing” an older manufacturers design outright.

  • MikeS

    The NX100, with its dual control dials, a mode dial, a regular hotshoe mount, more buttons, and a completely different control scheme, clearly had a different design philosophy behind it than the NEX-3/5. The mirrorless camera it most closely resembles in terms of function are the E-P’s from Olympus, particularly with the collapsible standard zoom. Its form is unique.

    (I shoot Nikon and Micro Four Thirds.)

  • Carl

    By the way, NX5 from Samsung was mirroless with an EVF even befor Sony launched NEX series… Who copied what? Sony fanboys… Btw I have a NEX5n, but i’m a photography fanboy, and not to a brand.

  • c.d.embrey

    How is the lens selection better ? They have a 20mm f/2.8 and a 30mm f/2.0 — all the rest are zooms. Meh.

  • c.d.embrey

    I don’t want to be charmed by a camera. I want to be impressed by the quality of the images, the quality of the prime lenses and the overall ease of use.

  • bro

    16mm, 20mm, 30mm pancakes, 60mm macro, 85mm 1.4, 50/55mm pancake rumored as well.

    I guess all but the 20 and 30mm lenses are zooms though, right?

  • James

    how am i sounding like a fanboy? if i was a fanboy i’d be praising samsung instead of underming hexx’s comment. the “sort of” of his comment doesn’t mean sort of, it’s pretty obvious it’s sarcasm. like if i were to say “you’re sort of a moron” or “this party sort of sucks.”

    anyway, are you kidding me? i’m tired of people saying samsung nx100/200 copied the sony design. it looks nothing like the sony. the sony nex 5 and 7 are boxes. the samsung nx100/200 are curves and rounded. are you telling me you would ever mistake a samsung nx for a sony nex? i doubt it. the cameras clearly look different lest you are blind.

    seriously? you can’t name a single digital camera with a built in EVF that’s also interchangeable lens? shows how much you know. you’re obviously not in a position to be arguing about these things.

    copy as in copy concepts. how about the panasonic l1? that’s pretty darned similar to the NEX7. plus samsung made a mirrorless aps-c before sony. and panasonic pioneered the compact travelzoom camera, and sony was one of the many companies to copy the concept with its hx series. i’m tired of people acting like sony is some innovator and samsung is a copier. they both innovate, and they both copy.

  • James

    16mm, 20mm, 20-50mm, 30mm, 18-55mm, 60mm, 85mm, 50-200mm, 18-200mm and the 16-80mm to be released soon. i think that’s more than sony’s 16mm, 18-55mm, 18-200mm, 55-200mm, 30mm (or whatever their random macro lens was) and 50mm.


    “how about the panasonic l1? that’s pretty darned similar to the NEX7.”

    “By the way, NX5 from Samsung was mirroless with an EVF even befor Sony launched NEX series… Who copied what?”

    Sorry guys, but the NEX design has the design philosophy of the old Sony Bridge cameras like the F-Series, Mavica and DSC-R1. It has nothing to do with Samsung or Panasonic designs.

  • shigzeo

    Come to Korea and decide that. Samsung knock off everything, pirate everything, buy out everything else, and then sell it to you at cut throat prices. They appeal to the basest urge: the urge to pay less. It happened with their cars, with their apartments, with their electronics; and when they got huge, then they changed their mind and started to strangle customers with bad prices.

    Come to Korea to see.

    The problem is that I lived there and would now not willingly put money into a Samsung product. I wish I had never gone as the prices for foreign Samsung stuff is cheap, and they are of decent quality. But, it is true that Samsung are not a revolution leader, or a major designer, they are a group that follows fads, whether that be in copying, or in upgrading.

    And they act like a much smaller company in doing so. Being the most far-reaching conglomerate in the world generally means truly designing, truly forging ahead on one’s own steam, not on that of other.

  • hexx

    calm down, take it easy and take a deep breath 😀

  • James

    :) i may be letting stress from other sources seep into my recent internet musings

  • hexx

    I’m very worried about X-Pro1’s price – it started to appear in the UK for pre-order for £1429 – could way too much – as you say, it’s reaching dSLR (either used FF or top end APS-C) market. Good thing is though, it appears they’ve fixed manual focusing on the lenses. On the blog post from that Romanian photographer who was lucky enough to test it I left comment regarding focusing and he replied that it’s much better and it doesn’t need so many spins (one or a bit more) to re-focus from closest to infinity.

  • iThoughtS0

    So you say..
    But you DO sound like one.

    Both NEX7 and NX20 is not even out yet, and without even popping the hood open and see what is under there, you are making your judgement call.
    Such comment can be only one out of two things really..
    Either fanboyism or trolling.

  • hexx

    seems like you have a lot of experience/insight into fanboyism and/or trolling, don’t be shy, just tell us – you have a Samsung phone and you don’t like when somebody calls Samesong a copycat 😀

    === rolleyes ===

    btw, NEX-7 was out but due to floods in Thailand Sony couldn’t fulfil orders – it should be shipping by the end of this month – and has been reviewed already by various online magazines/blogs (LumLan, Steve Huff, DpReview)

  • hexx

    @ iThoughtSO – can I choose between being a troll or fanboy or you’ve already put me into one of these boxes? Can I choose both? How about fanboy of trolls – would that do?

  • hexx

    no worries, it happens

  • camerman

    We have to except that the Fuji x1 price will be way out of line for 99% of customers. Maybe in time there will be an x2 or x3 that will be around a thousand.What I don’t like about the x1 from what i see is that the lens is centered right in the middle of the body. Generally rangefinder styled bodies like the Leica or Olympus ep cameras have the lens mount a little more to the left side of the camera, nearer to the rangefinder window. With the X1 , its smack right in the center and this means that the right hand of the photographer has less grip space to utilize.Also, i don;t understand why they didn’t move it slightly over more cause they don’t have much going on there except the viewfinder window and another switch.there’s nothing more annoying than to grab onto a camera and having your fingers trapped by the lens.A camera like the Fuji x1 needs to have a little more grip space.

    Samsung however has transparent lcd technology and if they so choose, they could make a bad ass external optical viewfinder with moving lcd framelines which could move with the focus of lenses to compensate for parallax.It would mean 100% exact framing. I think it could work for a range of let’s say three focal lengths at a time like a 35, 50 and 75mm. Imagine that, an optical viewfinder with lcd display and moving framelines and af displays.The clarity of optical Vf but all the functionality of a EVF.

  • hexx

    I expected Fuji to be a bit expensive but in the same way as X100 – just a bit expensive not too expensive. I believe prices will drop quickly, you can get here in the UK X100 for £760+, I bought mine in August for £899. What I also don’t understand is the position of the tripod head thread – it’s not in the centre on X-Pro1. Not big problem for me but as others have mentioned it’s unusable for panoramas. I’ll wait for some real world reviews/user feedbacks and will decide which way to go, X-Pro1 or NEX-7. I’m not keen on Samsung, don’t have good experience with them when it comes to support (and my sis works for them!!!)

  • iThoughtS0

    Nope. I buy whatever is best bang for the buck that makes sense, and very little to do with brand name. And Samsung as a brand, does not sit very well with me either. Non-the-less, if they produce good bang for the buck product, I won’t over look them.

    Also, it does not matter how many times NEX-7 was reviewed, what matters is that you don’t have it, nor NX20 or any of the future products that is not on the market yet.
    So your opinion(if not trolling) about them should be reserved at best, unless you got some worthy opinion to share.

    So why don’t you just give it a rest and admit it already?
    Which are you? Fanboy or Troll?

    === rolleyes ===

  • sam Waldron

    My Leica 90mm f2.8 begs to differ.

    The Samsung 85 1.4 and 60 macro are much, much larger than say the olympus 40-150…

  • shigzeo

    The price is heavy for the EVF built into the OVF. That, and it is too wide. My Canon P is too wide for me with glasses at 35mm, but going down to equiv. 28mm means that focusing things like 60mm and above will be difficult. They finder should be based on a 35mm or so, and have a high resolution EVF for focusing wider/longer lenses.

    The lens being more in the middle doesn’t bother me, especially as the OVF is so wide. Any closer to the left and it would really block the finder with a lens attached. Price? Ridiculous for what is being showed. For that price, they need to be more professional, or focused and not try to appeal to the masses as they are with fly by line focusing and aperture and such a wide OVF.

    I’m waiting for a reasonable successor to the RD-1.