Samsung NX Full Frame camera in 2014 only.


A good source told us that while It is true that Samsung is developing a NX Full Frame system the first camera will be available in 2014 only. And if the info is correct than 2014 sounds like the year where plenty of manufacturers will launch their FF mirrorless system. Sony is rumored to launch a new NEX-9 with 24 MPX sensor along three new Zeiss primes in June 2014. Fuji may will follow with a new FF X system in late 2014.

Nikon and Canon instead will keep focusing on the launch of ultra cheap FF DSRL and that may be a serious challenge for all future FF mirrorless systems!

  • David Cartier

    … and the “NX-R”?

  • Ageha

    Haha, good! At least no need to wait for it anymore.

  • Steve

    Looks like the RX1 will have the compact FF market to themselves for another year. Sony has really really outsmarted the competition with their RX series.

  • Mark Daams

    Canon and Nikon had better catch up. If they keep it up they will become the next Kodak. Mirrorless is the future. Smaller lighter cameras and lenses is the way to go. I’ve heard from several professionals that they are trying out mirrorless to see how they like it.

  • Ke

    >Fuji may will follow with a new FF X system in late 2014.

    What’re any details on this? They’d have to make another mount entirely, the X mount wouldn’t allow for a 35mm sensor.

  • emopunk


    • boris


  • Nick

    Looks like I’ll hang on to my 5D3 for another year. Oh well. :)

    • jake

      me too, in my case D800e, though.
      I cannot imagine anything that makes me happier selling all my ugly ,bulky Nikons and go all Mirrorles!

      any of 3 options FF NX, FF NEX or FF X accepted , I prefer the Fuji, though if I have to choose one.

  • Marco

    I strill think trhe nx-r will be a premium aps-c camera, with a newer and better sensor than the one in the nx300 (which apparently is the same than the one in nx200 + phase detect af) and a retro look.

  • dfg

    Seems like forever that we’ve been waiting for good info about the NXR- I want to know what this thing looks like.

  • Christian G

    This is great news! This way both their costumers will have time to save up money..

  • IHUR

    The first FF will get my money

  • tamrong

    Can’t wait until 2014

    I already bought the speed booster

  • hexx

    maybe samsung is waiting for sony so they know what to copy 😉

    • asd

      and samsung will do it better :)

  • alike

    The staus quo is an C or N camera. Does the AF show better pictures in sports.
    Does sensor size show more on the picture.
    I need a body with focuspeak and good old optics.
    If sony (music) can do that, why not C or N yet.

  • mahda

    amzing, i want to buy this one… i hope , available in my state

  • ferdi

    sure sure… try shoot olympics with your nex and 200 f2 😉

  • St.

    Well, I see the things going the opposite way – the mirorrless are going bigger (GH3) and the DSLR are going smaller (new Canon Kiss).
    See D3200 vs GH3 sizewise:,317
    And D3200 has the bigger and the better sensor.
    And a good DSLR is years ahead, speaking about responsiveness and productivity, especially in tough conditions.
    (just fyi so you don’t qualify me as a dslr fan boy I have 2 dslr, 4 mirorrless and 1 rangefinder cameras)

  • kodachromeguy

    Where I live in a small town in the US South, I never see any interchangeable lens cameras other than Canons or Nikons. Those two have totally dominated the amateur market here. And when people ask my advice about camera, they already have C or N in mind. Frankly, I think this market does not understand what optical versus mirrorless viewfinder means nor do they care. So at least for a few years, C and N have a lot of momentum in mass-market sales.

  • Ethan

    I would if the tech tracks better than dslr and has a bigger buffer. Mirrored cameras will go away making way for mirrorless evf and smaller bodies.

  • Hmmm

    How many people are shooting the Olympics? Seriously? Most people don’t need more than a mirrorless already offers.

  • mam

    yea yea, like in the film ages.. a lot of “mirrorless” but dslr were always in first line…. learn from the story… and from the pro angle of view… as a pro i will need a big grip for balance my lenses… and a nex, with his small body and big lens… -_- is good for everyday shooting, not for other things

  • spam

    A FF Fuji system is of course possible, but they denied working on FF at Photkina last fall. FF NEX is more believable, but so far nothing from Sony that confirm that they are working on one. Same goes for Samsung btw, so it all rumors so far.

  • jake

    Fuji keeps talking about it every chance Fuji gets but most of original Japanese interviews are not translated into English yet.

  • Edgar

    If you are a pro then you should know the optical cost benefits of a shorter focal flange distance. The glass is cheaper to design and smaller, allowing you to carry more equipment.

    If you want a bigger grip, then buy an attachable bigger grip. But you are delusional if you think that mirrorless won’t overtake DSLRs in 10-20 years. The size and cost production benefits are massive.

  • ethan

    Several billion people shoot olympics with their 400 2.8s duh.

  • boris

    oh cool!
    Could you please give us a link to one ‘original Japanese interviews’?
    Thank you

  • donthasslethehoff


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