Samsung is alive! NX300 spotted (an Android camera)



As you may recall Samsung said that they will not announce any camera this year. But Photorumors spotted an image of what appears to be the future NX300 camera. I guess the camera will be announced in early January right before the CES show and be based on the Android OS. Will this new strategy finally help the Samsung NX system? I sure hope they will!

  • Ryan

    And back to death they go….no EVF option!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ahhh!! What it wrong with them!!! I’d have a nx210 if it had the option of a EVF!! They have a lens line up going for them(for now).

  • Richard Saunders

    No EVF? What about NX20- it has an EVF.

    I almost bought an NX camera a while back but ended up with a Sony NEX because of the shorter flange focal distance – the Samsung just wasn’t as easy to adapt to legacy lenses.

  • Anonymoose

    Please let there be android on it! I’ll buy TWO if that’s the case!

    Having android on it means it’ll likely come with a blazing fast processor = great fps and buffer times

    And while we’re at it, why not reduce file sizes, have no limit for bulb mode and improve the jpeg engine for high iso as well?

  • Miserere

    A new camera? I’m still waiting for a full review of the NX20! DPR published a hands-on almost 7 months ago, and then…silence…

  • Danonino

    They need better sensors. Thats it.

    • woopper

      totally agreed! they are far behind sony and fuji and canon in this compartment

    • Miroslav

      “They need better sensors.”


      • jj

        Have you used m43 sesnors at medium to low iso’s? Theyre pretty SHITE compared to the worst apsc let alone apsc samsung sensors.

      • Jørgen

        I think so too. And: better marketing, better quality control, better video, an EVF for the NX-xxx and/or nx-xxxx series. Better JPEG engine. many people feared that Smaung was not a real camera company and therefor did not buy into these mirrorless cams, because you buy into a system. They were very right. In stead of addressing photographic needs to are addressing the needs for those who like gadgetry.

        m43s shows us that there are other companies that have some other thoughts that indeed do focus on the photogs needs in my view.

    • Eric Tastad

      Their 20 MP sensor is fine. I am so tired of hearing this BS that Samsung sensors are no good. The 14.6 MP was a bit weak in terms of DR and high ISO, but they haven’t made anything with that for more than a year.

      Putting my NX20 next to my Fuji XPro1, resizing both to the same output size and applying some noise reduction to both and there is less than half a stop between them. I thought for sure the Fuji would blow it away, but it just doesn’t. It just doesn’t respond to noise reduction as well, so you look at the RAW files without any change and the Fuji is clearly better, apply some NR to both and the Samsung cleans up a lot more. Detail remains pretty close. The Samsung JPEG engine is crud at high ISO (excellent at low ISO).

  • Sergio

    All this chat about sensors, view finders, MP and what-not. The most import thing these days has been overlooked. It’s UGLY!

  • Crapo

    Or even worse, the upcoming Hassleblad mirrorless camera.

  • web_rene

    If this is NX300 with Android OS, then why should they put normal NX OS on it as you can see in the Image? I did not have the galaxy cam in my hands so far, but I doubt that Android OS looks exactly the same as the normal NX interface as shown here and as included in NX2* and NX1000.

  • Herman

    I’d wish the next NX to be kind of the NX 210 with improved processor and – very important! – with an EVF as an option. The Samsung sensor is quite good as far as I know (even excellent at low ISO) but the jpeg engine isn’t state of art. That’s why it’s recommended to shoot at low ISO or RAW files if it is high ISOs. I think the NX-system with cameras and lenses small and lightweight is a good one providing high image quality.

  • Tanglefoot

    What is it they say about not counting your chickens?….
    That looks remarkably like the new Sony hotshoe which could allow for….. mounting an EVF!

  • RockyMountains

    NX999 line up doesn’t have EVF. If you need EVF, go NX99 line up.

  • Jojo

    Alive? Dead man walking more like!
    Totally agree with you on EVF issue.

  • noss

    OVF! 😉

  • Giulio Sciorio

    Oh please…I live in Miami and hardly ever shoot with the EVF on my OMD. It’s quite bright here!

    What’s remarkable is that this could be the first interchangeable lens camera with Android. Big news!

  • Crapo

    Yep, that is called Japan’s overpower rule over the photography market.

  • jj

    People dont like the dslr wannabe shape of the nx20. that why people are running away from the dslr, so using a camera that looks like one take away the purpose of leaving it in the first place.

  • MdB

    Blazing fast? Are you sure? Take the best android device available right now, then start processing 20MP RAW files on it and see how it holds up. Now try processing 5 or more per second and see how ‘blazing fast’ it is.

  • MdB

    The NX-100 had an optional EVF, which they dropped with the NX-200.

  • jj

    You’re trying too hard to keep your desk job at Sony, fellow.

  • exonos

    this is a camera though, not your average android handset and as such, imaging speed and processing is a higher priority compared to a smartphone

  • Zony

    Eric, maybe you should post such comparison pictures, or provide a link. I too have seen nothing but ugly blotchyness as the NX 20 marches up the ISO ladder. It seems to get messy quick.

    Not a lot a ppl have a NX-20 and an XPro1 in person to compare against each other. How do the colors, WB, and sharpness compare?

  • tkpenalty

    If anything samsung just needs to improve their JPEG engine. Raw wise the NX20/210/1000’s sensors all compare to the NEXF3,5N, however the NX output has poorer highlights, because they have set the exposure on the raw files seemingly incorrectly.

    The MAIN issue which nobody brings up, because people are people, is the poor blue dynamic range.

  • Crapo

    What is ugly? The NX20?
    I think it’s pretty good. Nothing revolutionary but it works really well in your hands.
    Design is safe… When I think ugly I’m thinking about the Pentax mirrorless of the last Minolta DSLRs.

  • jj

    He’s seen the nx20 iso and hes happy with it..why should he waste time trying to convince you, man? He doesnt need to sway you from your Fuji. He doesnt need you to buy a samsung camera. Not everyone is interested in shooting rats in a dark pub at iso a million, man. go take a look at the dude on sound image plus blogsite, he says he prefers the nx200 sensor over the nex’s, and he’s done the tests. Even if the fuji sensor is a bit better then the nx20, so what? The fujis x sensors arent the best for all cameras , are they? The x100 doesnt even allow you an option for a lens, and the xpro 1 is a big block of a rip off at their price. i dont know about you but I dont feel a need to give a multi billiob dollar company like Fuji any more money than they deserve , man.

  • Ryan


    The nx210 with the 30mm is pocketableish…i just want the option to have an evf for when i want it.

    like not using the EVF when people dont act natural around people that put a camera up to there face. plus the nx210 would look more like an point and shoot.

  • Sergio

    ~ Whoosh ~

    It’s suppose to be a little humor.

  • ibraar

    this is the 21st century,full of pervs and creeps, ppl act unnatural whether you put the camera up to you face or in front of you like a ps or cell camera.

  • Lay-Z

    Just because the camera has the android OS doesnt mean that it will operate like a phone. the Androis os will be part of the camera as a whole, but you still need basic camera functions to operate like any other camera….with or without android.

  • Web_rene

    I agree that there has to be camera functionality but I doubt, that they will have two OS running at the same time and I doubt that they will transport current NX OS look to android. Actually I just had a look at the Galaxy Cam and its camera menue looks 100% different – more like NEX since it is touchscreen based and has a camera app which does not have anything to do with current implementations. Where would there be the advantage if you seperate the android and the Camera systems of an upcoming NX? There would be no possibility to add new functionality to the camera like adding new filter apps etc. Yo would have to take the picture wit hyour default NX style like with my NX20 and could only switch to android for editing the pictures aferwards. But in my opinion, for having a real benefit, the camera module needs to be implemented in android and then it would look different – as show with galaxy cam. Well, we,will see. I hope I’m wrong 😉

  • JimB

    I am tired of trying to read your 21st century hieroglyphics. Did you follow that, smart guy?

  • JimB

    I was considering a Fuji X-e1 and one of the reasons is that the product is backed by a multibillion dollar company. I can’t afford to buy a new camera every couple of years, so I need one to be made by a company that will still be in business several years from now. Different strokes for different folks, I guess.

  • anon

    Well, they won’t be runing two OSs. The nx300 is based on Tizen Linux, so moving over to Android is mostly pretty trivial, though there are a few bits that would be a little obnoxious to move. The camera UI will probably function in context of an Android application. I would guess that they would also release the firmware API so other people could write apps that use the camera hardware, but that might be a bit optimistic of me.