Ricoh GR tested by Dpreview and gets the “Gold Award”


Short break from all these Fuji rumors to report some Ricoh news! Dpreview (Click here) posted the full camera test and writes:

“the GR series had long ago overcome most operational quirks – resulting in an enjoyable, engaging camera with excellent image quality. So, with Raw performance that’s essentially indistinguishable from the Nikon’s, the Ricoh’s ND filter, longer battery life, faster focusing, lens quality and better rear screen give it the edge. The lower price seals the deal – earning the Ricoh our highest rating.”

The camera therefore earned a “Gold Award”. Well done Ricoh!

P.S.: What is nto so well done is the delivery delay in USA. Still 2-4 weeks to go until the camera will be in Stock at Amazon US.

  • madmax

    Easy arithmetic:
    fixed screen + no viewfinder + no focus ring = no gold award

  • FMJ

    all camera in this catagory have fix screen, the Nikon coolpix A, the 3 sigma, and Fuji X100s

    you can add optical VF on top of this Ricoh, just not included in this low price.

  • Oriol

    I had the occasion to try both the Coolpix A and the Ricoh GR the same day, and I found the GR impressively well built. Everything is at its place and I really enjoyed it (even if I could use it for just 10 minutes). Before using the GR I thought I could never use a camera without EVF but with the GR I did not miss it at all. For me it makes even a better choice than a Fuji X100 s.

    • madmax

      “Before using the GR I thought I could never use a camera without EVF but with the GR I did not miss it at all.”

      What you are saying is nonsense: If you don´t like to shoot at arms length with a fixed screen, then you just can´t like the GR. Maybe its screen is holographic or some kind of magic?
      Also, if you like proper manual focusing with a focus ring, why do you enjoy focusing with the dial in the GR? Also a magic wheel?

  • richierich

    How is this any different than Ricoh’s GXR body with a 28mm lensor module… It’s been on the market for more than 4 years… Rehashing the same thing over and over again, that’s what Ricoh has been about lately. Yeah, a bit better sensor and more pocketable cam, I get it, but is it really deserving the Gold award by That site is becoming a joke with every passing day:(((

  • southbymidwest

    You should start a camera review website so you can totally diss Ricoh with a silver award!

  • Oriol

    Yes it makes sense, let me explain you why:

    – I usually shoot with an old EP-2 with the Panasonic/Leica 25 and the Olympus 45 (50mm and 90 mm equivalent), always with the EVF. This combination is much heavier than the Ricoh, which is extremely light. Because of its light weight, its small size, and its usability (you can reach everything you need just with one hand, unlike the Coolpix A)you can still be precise shooting at arm’s length, unlike other cameras.

    – Then there is the 28mm lens equivalent: with that focal length, in order to make good shots you really need to get very close to your subject. You need to approach people and shooting at arm’s length allows you to put the camera in their faces. But the Ricoh is unobstrusive and people don’t get scared. Also, with a 90 mm lens you really need to be precise because there is no room for croping but a 28 mm lens allows you to crop later.

    So, for me it is a game changer.