Quesabesde: Nikon delayed the mirrorless announcement


According to sources from Quesabesde Nikon delayed the announcement of the mirrorless cameras because of the problems conected with the Sendai plant that has been shut down after the earthquake. Quesabesde doesn’t expect any new mirrorless camera (and No D700 and D3 replacement) before October!!!

P.S.: Nikon’s mirrorless system should be named “Coolpix Pro”.

  • Miroslav

    Some websites expected Nikon mirrorless to be launched at Photokina 2010, in September last year, and it wasn’t. Then rumors shifted the date to March, then April, now October 2011. Seems to me like someone from Nikon is deliberately spreading these rumors in order to deter people from buying mirrorless products from other manufacturers. I myself wondered “What if Nikon comes out with something in two weeks time that blows m4/3, NEX and NX at the same time and I end up looking like a fool for buying this or that”. But the more they prolong the launch, the less I believe the date.

  • Frosti7

    Nikon got it bad at the earthquake, im sure they would prostpone anything which revolutionary as the mirrorless camera until they get back on their feet

  • jack

    There is nothing “pro” about the coolpix line.

  • Valdemar

    At least we have a (rumoured) date now. I’ll wait, nothing interesting coming out until then anyway – except perhaps the NEX-7.

  • Nick

    Given the few vague rumors on the specs (smaller than m4/3 sensor) of the upcoming camera, I’m a bit surprised the Sendai plants would have any involvement. I thought Sendai was for the pro gear D300s and up.

    Is this camera actually going high-end, or are the Sendai comments wrong/misleading, or….?

  • Sh!tpacker

    It’ll be a ‘pro’ camera the same way Kenny fuckin’ Powers is a pro baseball player.

  • BornOptimist

    Not even the D300 (or D300s) is assembled at the Sendai plant. I hardly believe the CSC will be assembled at Sendai, but maybe some of the components will be made there, like the lens mount. After all the Sendai plant is only running 1 shift, so that is not a high volume assembly plant.

  • John

    Well, there used to be high end CoolPixes (like the 8400 and 8800) which had magnesium bodies, fast lenses, articulated screens, shot RAW, etc., etc.
    Then someone at Nikon lost touch and the CoolPix line when down hill from there.

    Hopefully this new camera system will breath some life into the CoolPix lineup.
    Always hated the name – hopefully they’ll use something other than CoolPix.
    “Cool” ain’t cool anymore.

  • YouDidntDidYou