Pentax Q7 pictures leaked! To be announced on July 5.


Digicaminfo posted the images of the new Pentax Q7 camera. As you can see there is Black, Silver and Yellow version. The new camera that will be announced on July 5 and as previously posted it has a new larger 1/1.7 type sensor (larger than the other Q models!).

This is the same sensor size of the Panasonic LX and Samsung EX series (both with fixed lens). The interesting thing is that all Q lenses are able to cover the larger sensor size. Good news for all current Q lens owners!
  • Anonymous

    This looks really nice!

    … compared to the K-01.

  • ChronoChris

    Wow. another irrelevant camera.

  • maxim

    what is that small rectangular thing behind the flange? Sensor, really?=D

  • luca.vascon

    wow, I want one, with the fisheye lens!!!

  • claire

    Another uninteresting small sensor camera. The future is in APS-C chips in compact size bodies. I had a Q and my X10 mopped the floor with it, including with the 8.5mm prime. Vute as a button, but rather useless camera.

  • kona_moon

    What about the Evangelion color scheme?

  • tamrong

    change sensor size from 1/2.3 to 1/1.7

    crop factor will change from 5.62x to 4.55x

    the kit lens 02 5-15 mm will becomes 23mm – 68mm

    nice range

  • Mr.Tritium

    Why didn’t they do this from the start?
    Did they reduce the sensor size of the Q/Q10 on purpose in order to have a cheap way to improve the line?

  • JMaverick

    Whoaho…Pentax gettin all daring on us.

  • Mistral75

    Pentax Q7 will be ==released== on July 5th but announced on or around June 13th, i.e. next Thursday, together with K-50 and 07 Mount Shield Lens.

  • deniz

    actually looks good this time :)

  • chronoschris

    My big issue with these small sensor cameras is not the image quality, but the massive DOF you get. Even my OMD’s sensor is a bit small to get any sort of subject isolation. My XE-1 kills it on DOF, and the XE-1 has less DOF control than a full frame.

    SO yes, in my view the smaller sensor is a compromise, there is no need to go with such a small sensor, and while it may perform well unless you have a f/0.3 aperature you can almost guarantee the entire scene will always be in focus.

    ok ok, that is a slight exaggeration, but im sure you get my point. Why not use a lager sensor so we can have some DOF manipulation?

    • Nik

      Between Sony, Fuji, Samsung, Panasonic, and Olympus, that’s a crowded market that I wouldn’t want to compete in.

      Go for a one-inch sensor and you’re competing with Nikon, plus the lenses are substantially bigger. This lets them do something genuinely different and fun.

      So that’s why.

  • Eric Tastad

    I think the 1/2.3″ sensor was better at the time, the Q sensor did better than most of the 1/1.7″ sensors when it was released.

  • Andy

    That sounds spot on to me. Not sure I approve of this kind of marketing strategy. How do we know that the system can’t accommodate a larger sensor still?

  • Eric Tastad

    I shouldn’t say think here, look at DXOMark rankings and the Q 1/2.3″ sensor is significantly better than any of the 1/1.7″ sensors that were out at the time.

  • MR.Tritium

    Hmmm you’re right, the Pentax Q sensor is superior to those on the LX5 and XZ1. Only the S95 can match it.

  • Boo

    It’s not clear since Pentax applies heavy NR to RAWs

  • AkivaS

    Agree, the Pentax Q rocked. Hope this does, too.

  • Anonymous

    Oh geez, not everythings a marketing conspiracy. Maybe they were genuinely forced to improve the sensor size once they saw the market demanded a larger sensor.

  • Mr.Tritium

    Generally, lenses are engineered to correspond to a specific sensor size, and cannot cover a greater area without suffering a huge vigneting. see for example what happens when you put a nikon dx lens on a fx camera:

    If the Q lenses can cover a 1/1.7 inch sensor area, it means that they were conceived for this sensor size from the start. You cannot improve the sensor size on a mount after the lenses have already been designed.

  • MdB

    Bahahahaha! Tool. It ‘looks’ exactly the same as the Q10, except the sensor is slightly bigger and suddenly it ‘looks good’… People are idiots…

  • madmax

    Previous sensor area: 28.50 mm2
    New sensor area: 43.30 mm2

    Now Pentax Q gets a sensor 1.52 times bigger than before. Is this “slighty bigger”? Better don´t say people are idiots.

  • MdB

    People are idiots because the previous Q’s were excellent cameras, but because of senor-size-a-phobia it was labelled a toy, as soon as it gets a ‘bigger’ sensor it suddenly ‘looks good’ – Even though previously the 1/2.3″ sensor outperformed the competition’s 1/1.7″ – That’s why, jerk features.

  • Roger

    “Idiot” and “jerk features”? Well I guess that’s the intellectual level of the average Q user.

  • Ben

    “Even my OMD’s sensor is a bit small to get any sort of subject isolation. My XE-1 kills it on DOF”

    So you don’t have any fast lenses or shoot at anything closer than the moon. You want nice bokeh on Saturn? Get a Hubble.