Ricoh launches the Pentax Q7 Premium Kit.

Hardcore Pentax Q system fans can now buy that limited edition Q7 premium kit. This is the full press release:


DENVER, CO, April 2, 2014 – Ricoh Imaging Americas Corporation  (Ricoh Imaging) is pleased to announce the PENTAX Q7 Premium Kit, featuring the world smallest and lightest interchangeable lens camera system, four high-performance lenses and a host of accessories all wrapped up in an exclusive package.

Available in a limited quantity of 1,000 units world-wide, the PENTAX Q7 premium kit includes the following items:

PENTAX Q7 camera body (Color: black x black)
PENTAX-02 STANDARD ZOOM (Color: black)
MH-RB40.5 Metal Hood for 01 (Color: black)*
PH-RBB40.5 Plastic Hood for 02
PH-RBA40.5 Plastic Hood for 06
PH-RBF49 Plastic Hood for 08
PENTAX -100 PL Polarizing filter**
O-CB133 Camera Bag
Special kit box

Accessories: rechargeable lithium-ion battery, battery charger, AC power cord, USB cable, CD-ROM software, strap

* This hood is exclusively designed for the kit, and is treated with a special black coating.
** Usable on the 01, 02 and 06 lenses. The 02 lens may be affected by some vignetting at its wide-angle end when mounted on the Q7 camera body.

Note: The specifications of the camera body, lenses and accessories are identical with those of standard products.

Weighing in a just 7 ounces, the Q7’s compact body enables easy pocketable portability while the in-camera filters and assorted lens variety inspire the casual photographer to elevate their creativity.  Featuring a 1/1.7 inch, back-illuminated CMOS image sensor, high sensitivity shooting up to ISO 12800 and enhanced Q ENGINE with fast response time during start-up and shooting, the Q7 produces sharp and beautiful images with a creative flare.

Main Features

The PENTAX-01 Standard Prime and PENTAX-02 Standard Zoom lenses have been treated with a black coating identical to that used on the camera body, to enhance visual harmony.

The Metal Hood for 01 is treated with a special back coating that matches the color of the 01 lens.

The O-CB133 is a shoulder-bag-type camera case, which holds a Q7 camera body with the 02 lens mounted, and as many as five interchangeable Q-mount lenses.

The kit is packaged in a specially designed kit box.

Pricing and Availability

The limited edition PENTAX Q7 Premium Kit will be available at  in late April 2014 for a suggested retail price of $1,199.95.

First real world Leica T picture!

Leicarumors posted the first real world Leica T picture! And those should be the camera specs:

– APS-C sensor (likely 16 MP)

– Without rangefinder and without built-in EVF (uses optional EVF)

– interchangeable mount for T lenses.

– touchsreen, Wifi

– $3000 for camera + kit lens

Sounds expensive!

Sony will launch the A7s 4K Full Frame E-mount camera on Sunday!

Huge surprise on the Sony front. They will announce a new A7s Full Frame E-mount camera that can record 4K video to compete against the Panasonic GH4.

The announcement will take place in Las Vegas at 7pm on Sunday. Other specs are yet not known!

One more thing: it’s a safe bet to say they will unveil new FE lenses too!

Something unique to be announced by Sony soon…

We got words from trusted sources that Sony has some kind of unique surprise for all of us. It should be announced within the next couple of weeks. It is something that no camera manufacturer has done before…

What it is we don’t know. But that Sony does that kind of things is not impossible. They did the RX series, the A7 series and I can certainly expect something like a medium format camera from them too :)

Fuji will release a Full Frame X-PRO 2 in 2015!

Fujirumors reports that Fuji is working on a Full Frame X-PRO 2 which will be released  in 2015. Unfortunately no current X-mount lens will work on the new mount. There will be a minimum of three lenses at launch.

This would be the first competition for the newly launched Sony A7 system. A great news!