The firmware Photokina surprise: Olympus E-M1 with 4K recording and a “surprising” GH4 firmware update.

One of the major news at Photokina will not be a new camera or some kind of exciting new lens. It will be…firmware upgrades!

Trusted sources reported the Olympus E-M1 will get a massive firmware update which will also enable full 4K video recording! And they also said the Panasonic GH4 will get a many new features and improvements.

Both firmware will be released within the next couple of weeks!

Debunking a rumor: There is no medium format Canon camera coming now…

A recently published Canon teaser for a new FF DSLR. Still no decent mirrorless to come :(

Many sites reported about a possible Canon medium format camera. But unlike those I got notice that there is no such medium format camera coming from Canon.

I know for certain that Fuji-Nikon and Sony are considering to make such a camera but we will see such cameras in stores as early as 2015 only.

But Canon no, they are focusing on FF for the next couple of years. But I don’t know if they will make a FF mirrorless any time soon…

New Photokina “autoleaks” :) Olympus shows the PRO zoom roadmap. Sony shows the A5100

Well, sometimes companies help us out doing our rumor work by un(?)intentionally leak out information in unexpected places:

Olympus latest financial report discloses the release time of the next three pro zoom (see picture on top).

Sony is showing the A5100 picture on an official Honk Kong press site. The camera will be announced n August 19 and feature the same A6000 sensor.

The heavy Sony stuff (Full Frame RX and maybe E-mount) will be announced right before Photokina!

Nikon cuts forecast. And TheCameraStoreTV calls for a FM mirrorless.

Nikon latest financial report (see here) describes a negative scenario for Nikon. Sales are dropping down and forecast is even worse than expected.

The team form TheCameraStoreTV discussed about the Nikon and Canon very conservative approach regarding the mirrorless market. They suggest Nikon to launch a Full Frame mirrorless system based on the amazing FM design. I couldn’t agree more on that!

Nikon (and Canon) really have to stop thinking in such a conservative way. They have to “risk” if they do not want to be overcome by Sony, Fuji and other companies.