Sony and Hasselblad “pro” mirrorless cameras coming soon?

It’s always hard and honestly impossible to define what a “PRO camera” is. You can take superb pictures with any camera so I guess it has to do more with a mix of features, sensor size and price. Currently most of us may would agree that the only real PRO mirrorless camera may be the Leica M series. At least the price could be defined as PRO :) An it is the only mirrorless camera using a “larger than APS-C sensor”…precisely a Full Frame sensor.

Now, Photokina may bring us the first real Leica M alternatives. Andrea at SonyAlphaRumors reports that Sony managed to keep a super secret around a mysterious professional mirrorless Sony camera. No specs are given but the camera is supposed to be announced on Wednesday!
And curiously CSCmagazine reports that the new Hassleblad mirrorless camera may use a new “larger than Full Frame” Sony sensor!

This is going to be interesting!

Multiple m43 news: Blackmagic with m43 videocamera. MInolt_konica may join m43. ePhotozine testing new PEN cameras.

Image on top: The new Blackmagic m43 video camera.

Let’s start this new day with a long list of Micro Four Thirds news:

1) Egami spotted a patent with a surprising content! Konica Minolta patented the design of a 43mm f/1.4 Micro Four Thirds lens
2) Blackmagic issued a new statement saying that they will soon release a “second model of the Blackmagic Cinema Camera that features passive Micro Four Thirds lens (MFT) mount“.
3) ePhotozine posted a cryptic message saying:
4) Shirota (Olympus): “development of unique lenses with ever greater focus on high image quality” (43rumors).
5) First picture of the new Olympus 15mm f/8.0 lens! (43rumors).
6) E-PL5 will be priced at around 599 Euro/Dollars with kit lens (and there will be a “large kit”) (43rumors).

It’s going to busy news and rumors time here. Sony will have a massive announcement next week while Olympus/Panasonic will have their announcements 1-2 days before the official Photokina start (Sept. 18th).