We saw this coming: “Mirrorless” is the official name for mirrorless system cameras.

Until now there was no “standard” to define mirrorless system cameras. We had plenty of different definitions like:

– Digital Interchangeable Lens System Cameras (DILSC),
– Electronic Viewfinder with Interchangeable Lens (EVIL).
– Mirrorless System Cameras (MSC),
– Compact System Cameras (CSC),
– Digital Single Lens Mirrorless (DSLM).

But at last the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) decision recognized “Mirrorless” as the official term for interchangeable lens cameras that do not include a mirror mechanism!

Amazing it took seven years to sort this out :)

Source: http://www.ce.org/Consumer-Info/TechnologyGlossary.aspx

New leaked images of the new Leica Q FF camera!

A kind source (Thanks a lot!) sent us these two real world pictures of the new Leica Q camera! I hope he can send us some high resolution images too ;)

The camera will be announced on June 10 and as usual you can follow the announcement here on MirrorlessRumors!

Reminder: The cameras has a 28mm f/1.7 fixed lens, 24MP Full Frame sensor, impressive 3.68 million dot built-in EVF and ISO that gets up to 50.000.