New big Sony announcement in early May! FE lenses to be announced?


We got words from very highly trusted sources that Sony will have a big announcement event in May! While there will be likely one new camera only (An A-mount A77II) there should be also a new FE lens announcement! And if the Sony roadmap is still valid than this should be two new Zeiss lenses: A f/4. ultrawide zoom and a fast prime lens (probably a 85mm f/1.8 or f/1.4).

Sources also told me Sony is pushing the FE lens development. It’s the first priority in their imaging division!



Sony A7-A7r and Fuji X-T1 have a light leak issue (Both can be solved).


Sony A7r Light Leak video by Ferrell McCollough

The probably most popular mirrorless camera curiously share the same issue: A light leak on the mount!

As SonyAlphaRumors reports the issue is minor but visible. Sony is working on a fix for those that want to get rid of the problem. A cheap and temporary solution has been explained by Ferrel McCollough.

And also Camera.Reviewed reports about the Fuji X-T1 having the same issue. But Fuji already offers a service where you can send in the camera and they will repair it within 10 days!


The next big Fuji X-T1 review roundup! A killer camera!


The Fuji X-T1 is in Stock in all larger store like Amazon (Click here) or BHphoto (Click here). And it get’s sold as easily as bread in the morning :)

And if you need to read some more enthusiastic reviews to convince yourself to buy one than check out this list of new tests:

Review by CameraLabs:

The Fujifilm X-T1 is an outstanding camera, boasting superb image quality, a fantastic viewfinder and continuous autofocus which actually works, letting you successfully capture subjects in motion. All this plus superb manual focusing assistance and Wifi with smartphone remote control packed into a compact but perfectly proportioned weatherproof body. It’s one of the best cameras around at this price point whether mirrorless or DSLR and one I can highly recommend.

Review by ThePhoBlographer:

The X-T1 is a street photographer’s dream. I’ve been using it every day for nearly three weeks for a photo365 project I’m working on, and with the 35mm f1.4 affixed to it, shooting is an absolute breeze. The camera’s inconspicuous enough that I don’t get strange looks. The X-T1 can bend to nearly any photographic need in my estimation, save for sports and wildlife photography due to Fujifilm’s lack of fast telephoto lenses.

Review by Trustedreviews:

The X-T1 combines excellent design with a specification that makes it great value even at its circa-£1000 price tag. Above all, it produces breathtaking images and can be relied upon whatever the conditions, making it perhaps the best CSC on the market.

More tidbits: 10 first impressions by Bcapphoto.The Fuji X-T1 – quite simply a superb camera – XF 23mm f/1.4 first impressions by Soundimagesplus.