Sony now leads the mirrorless market in Japan while MFT partners keep loosing terrain.

The full 2014 digital camera sales data in Japan has been published by BCNranking. And the new 2015 king is Sony which now holds 34.3% of the market share. Olympus and Panasonic both lost a bit of terrain. The data doesn’t show the rest of companies market shares but if Panasonic keeps falling Fuji and Canon may will kick them out from the top position.

Double Fuji rumors: X-T10 and X-PRO2 coming in 2015

We have a double rumor about Fuji:


Fujirumors reports about info spilled out by Fuji in an interview with the Spanish site DSLRmagazine.

1) HYBRID VIEWFINDER: The XF 35mmF2 looks a lot like the Leica Summicron-M 50mmF2 [admin: let’s just hope it won’t be that expensive!!!… even with the , this lens is worth about 1/3 of my yearly teachers salary!!… though this version costs “just” $2,100 (discounted)]. But back to the XF 35mmF2: the compact size makes it perfect for cameras with Hybrid Viewfinder – ERGO: the X-PRO2 will feature a Hybrid Viewfinder. In the interview, the manager also said that customers demand to keep the X-PRO1 concept. DSLRmagazine thinks that this statement is another hint for an X-PRO2 with Hybrid Viewfinder.

2) MORE COMPACT: After the talk with the manager, DSLRmagazine concludes that the X-PRO2 will have the elegance and great operability of the Leica CL… it won’t be as small as the Leica CL, but smaller than the actual X-PRO1.

3) X-TRANS: It will have an evolution (not revolution) of the X-TRANS sensor.

4) Not X-PRO2 related, but the manager says that the 56 APD version isn’t really selling well. You can find a .

5) The X-M line is dead. Long live the X-A line!

And than we have also rumors about another camera:


Fujirumors reports that it will be a downspecced X-T1. There is yet not info about the final specs but it shoudl come within 2015.

New CP+ rumors/news from Olympus/Sony/Ricoh

Image on top shows the E-M5II titanium edition prototype.

There are some rumors/news coming out of the CP+ show:

Ricoh-Pentax said that they do not plan to make a new compact APS-C mirrorles ssytem. Because that would mean they would have to get rid of the K-mount. And they want to keep the full compatibility (Source: Digicameinfo)

Olympus said they would like to make a special 80y anniversary camera. And also fast lenses are high on their priority list.

Sony said the FE lenses can resolve future 50+ Megapixel FF sensor (Source: DSLRmagazine).