Latest rumors: Sony “foveon” alike sensor, FE camera coming soon and Olympus 10mm fast prime also.

We have some more Sony and Olympus rumors:

1) Sony confirmed new generation of FF E-mount cameras is coming very soon!

2) Sony will use the fast A6000 AF on FE cameras.

3) Sigma said they expect Sony to launch foveon sensors

4) Olympus said a fast 10-11mm prime is likely to come in 2015

All great news don’t you agree? let’s hope the Sony FE cameras will finally have a close to DSLR autofocus performance!

Dpreview interviews all camera manufacturers. All do confirm mirrorless is the future!

The Fuji interview video

Dpreview posted a great set of video interviews with Camera Company managers:

Interview with Fujifilm’s Justin Stailey
Interview with Canon’s Chuck Westfall
Interview with Nikon’s Steve Heiner
Interview with Olympus’s Ray Acevedo
Interview with Panasonic’s Matt Frazer
Interview Ricoh’s John Carlson (Pentax)
Interview Samsung’s Jay Kelbley
Interview Sigma’s Jared Ivy
Interview Sony’s Kenta Honjo
Interview with Lytro’s Ariel Braunstein

Your really can feel that Mirrorlesss is the great word on the mouth of those companies. I think 2015 will be far more exciting than 2014. And probably Nikon and Canon will finally “get serious” on mirrorless too!

Sigma interview (mirrorless is growing and we will make more lenses for it)

DSLRmagazine (google translation here) posted an interesting Interview with Sigma CEO Kazuto Yamaki. Those are some of the interesting answers:

– We are checking the cine lens market and if there is a place for us there.
– We are studying to possibility to make a Full Frame f/1.8 zoom just like the 18-35mm f/1.8 APS-C lens. The issue here is to keep the size reasonable
– We are sure mirrorless will growth and we will expand our presence there
– I’ts a bit more difficult to make ART lenses for the Sony FE system because of the not so large diameter of the mount. We don’t know why Sony did this. Likely because the E-mount was meant for APS-C first and only after that they did use it for FF too.
– We are aware that Canon and Sony are working on a similar “foveon” technology
– Our current APS-C sensor match the medium format sensor quality. And it would not be a problem for us to make even larger (medium format) Foveon sensors. But the medium format market is shrinking…
– If we do a mirrorless system camera than we have to be sure to be able to support that system in future
– yes we have other companies interested in using our Foveon sensor.
– we expect companies to announce PRO stuff at CP+ in February

Very interesting as usual. Sigma and CEO Kazuto Yamaki are really a nice small family company and I wish them to keep having success in future!!!