It may be just marketing bla-bla but Fuji says they will show “full size sensor” cameras.

Just read the text Fuji posted on their Photokina presentation page (Click here).

Whatever Fuji means with “full size sensor” isn’t really clear. Knowing how marketing works they just mean their APS-C sensors. But on paper “full-size” usually should mean “full-frame” as this is how we intend 35mm sensors.


First image of the “Purist” Leica MP 24MP camera!

Digicameinfo spotted that image of the soon to be announced Leica MP 24 Megapixel “purist” camera. The specs are the followings:

– 24MP full-frame CMOS sensor
– Range finder
– 3 inches 920,000 dot LCD monitor
– (ISO100 extended) ISO200-6400
– Built-in 2GB memory
– 1980×1080 25fps video stereo
– 139mm x 80mm x 42mm size
– 680 g weight

As with all MP camera series there is no red Leica logo to see.