The next rumor roundup! Panasonic, Samsung, Olympus,Canon and Sony!


Photokina is over and it’s time to a mirrorless forecast. What’s coming next? I collected some rumors from my sources and external websites to write these possible roadmap:

The first camera we expect is the new Panasonic GX2. Very likely coming in November if plan haven’t been changed lately. It features the same GH3 sensor and a likely a electronic viewfinder. These is the rumor part. The official part came from Panasonic back in Spring when they said that they will better define the GX series during 2012. So they have to do something :)
A new MFT videocamera could be announced in January.

Olympus will have some major Camera and Lens announcement within the next 2-3 months. Some rumors said the announcement could be made in early January. All Cameras and Lenses are said to be made for the semi pro market.

If you are waiting to see new Cameras and Lenses for the NEX system than wait until February-March. The NEX-7 successor may be announced around that time.

Canon is set to introduce new lenses by February-March 2013. I have no info yet about possible new cameras.

Samsung completely restructured their Camera roadmap. Android powered NX cameras are likely to be announced in March-April 2013.

I have no detailed info about Nikon, Fuji, Pentax or Ricoh. Drop me a message at if you have some more rumor to share! I am particularly interested inreceiving some Full Frame rumors from Fuji and Sony :)


First E-PM2, Fuji X-E1 and Canon EOS-M in Stock in US.


Three of the new mirrorless cameras are now in Stock in US and European stores:

Fuji X-E1:
You have to pay a $70 extra to grab the X-E1 that is in Stock now at Amazon (Click here). That’s the price for being the first in getting one in US. What’s even more important to know is that Fuji and Adobe are now working together to created an even more integrated RAW support for two X cameras (Source: FujiRumors). Good to know that!

Canon EOS-M:
The Canon EOS-M is in Stock via third party resellers at Amazon (Click here). That time no extra charge has to be paid. And first three user reviews can be already read here.

Olympus E-PM2:
Cameta is the first US store having the small Olympus E-PM2 in Stock via eBay (list here on slidoo).

What about the other new cameras? The E-PL5 and the Sony NEX-6 should be in Stock any time soon in EU and US stores while the Panasonic GH3 will hit the Japanese market in mid December.