Nikon J2 specs leaked.


Digicaminfo now posted the full Nikon J2 specs. This is the google translation:

– 10.15 million pixel sensor, CX format (2.7 times the angle of view), built-in image plane phase difference AF
– The image processing engine EXPEED3
– ISO6400 ISO100-3200, in sensitizing
– Electronic shutter shutter, second 1/16000-30, Bulb, Time (when using the ML-L3)
– 10 seconds continuous shooting frame / s, 30 frames / s, 5 frames per second 60 frames /, in the high-speed continuous shooting
– Video is 1920×1080 60i, a compression method H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, MOV file format
– The media SD / SDHC / SDXC
– 920,000 dot LCD monitor type 3
– The size is 106mm x 61mm x 29.8mm
– The weight (body only) 237g, (including battery, SD memory card) 280g
– Creative mode of the effect of eight (miniature effect, select color, soft, easy panorama, Backlight, Night Scene, Night Scene Portrait, four exposure modes to choose)


  • JesperMP

    The only difference I can spot:
    LCD upped from 460k to 920k.

    Maybe the sensor has been improved too, but no way to tell now.

  • spacegoret

    So what’s the difference between J1 and J2?

  • viking79

    This is sounding too much like Sony, a new camera, but we still don’t have any large aperture lenses for the camera, but we do get another kit lens and a nearly identical body.

  • gummyrabbit

    The new J2 will have a Hello Kitty Edition!!!

  • peevee

    So, it is just heavier J1 with better LCD.

  • Henrik

    Thanks for giving us pure, unspoilt information, not deformed by editorial efforts.

  • Austin

    Is this a joke? Improving LCD resolution to where it should have been, an adding a mode dial? That’s if?



  • zetlorf

    I don’t care about Nikon J2. With such a small sensor it’s not presenting interest for me.

  • MJr


  • onlyme

    There is an extra option on the “mode dial” too.
    I hope the flash sync speed has been improved.

    I read somewhere that the new kit lens lacks VR, does anyone know if that is true?

  • Gadge


  • Zonkie

    Yes, no VR. It clearly shows in the leaked images.

  • Matt

    It has a mode dial??!!! Where have you seen that? The leaked images showed the same button configuration other than one extra ‘mode’ on that silly ‘I can’t believe it’s not a mode dial’… ie no PASM or even scene modes on there (though I suspect the new ‘mode’ is a ‘scene mode selector’).

    The fact that the V1 replacement isn’t yet showing up seems to imply that maybe there is going to be bigger changes with that model?

    Also the leaked pictures seem to suggest it has a build more similar to the V1, so this is much more of a V1 sans EVF, where the J1 lost build quality, some minor functions (electronic shutter?), lower quality LCD and some other minor differences.

    If the V1 replacement had some proper controls on the body and the new Sony sensor I would seriously consider it. Hell I would have considered it on release if it had better controls.

  • Miroslav

    Nikon has to seriously rethink the whole 1 concept. Customers are not stupid. Some of them will buy into the system because of brand name, but will soon realize there are better offerings out there and in the end the whole thing will fail. You can fool some people sometime, but you can’t fool all the people all the time.

  • Matt

    I don’t mind the 1 system in concept, but I think the V1 particularly was undercooked. Yes people who have them think they are great, but I just can’t see it myself. The J1 made more sense, but the V1 was just not enough ‘more’ than the J1 to justify the price difference and with the J2 coming the only difference now will be the EVF and lack of onboard flash (but with accessory port).

    V1 needs to have some real controls as well as some decent lens options! As it stands now, the Sony RX100 is a far better camera, with much nicer interface in terms of control points etc, better IQ, better lens options (it has one fixed option and it is still better than the interchangeable options on the 1), better screen, manual control over video, better IS.

  • Miroslav

    Not only that. Comparing 1 to other mirrorless systems, whose prices are similar, there is another system that does equal or better job for every feature. All of them have better image quality and greater native lens lineup. m4/3 has smaller body/lens combinations for standard and super zooms. NEX can have PDAF capability via adapter. EOS M has similar number of adapted DSLR lenses available, but at their native focal lengths. Moreover, as you’ve written, there is more capable RX100 available.

    And what has Nikon done since the first announcement? Nothing. No new lenses, no better bodies. After a year, they release a new model with better LCD and 2.5x kit zoom without VR. A joke indeed.

  • peevee

    Yep, RX100 made a lot of cameras instantly obsolete overnight, some of them even still unreleased (I am looking at you EOS M).

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