New Olympus 25mm lens and Sony mirrorless A-mount cameras rumors.


None of the following two rumors are a surprise:
1) It’s now over 6 months that rumors about a new Olympus 25mm f/1.8 lens are floating around the web. The design on top has been leaked in China and may shows the real lens characteristics with a 46mm diameter. Expected announcement in early September along the new OMD!
2) As I told you weeks ago Sony will go full mirrorless with their A-mount system. The A-mount cameras will keep the classic DSLR design and body but there will be no mirror between mount and sensor. The A77 successor will hit the market in Q1 2014 and be the first APS-C A-mount mirrorless camera.

Overall I suspect that many DSLR manufacturers will sooner or later make full mirrorless “DSLR-look” cameras. Today’s announced Canon 70D has a very advanced on sensor PDAF which makes the classic phase detection system used by DSLR cameras almost useless.

  • workKurt

    I think your suspicion is right. The public at large still has the perception that DSLR == quality. The camera makers challenge would be to educate the public that the only real difference is the missing mirror- a mirrorless camera can have the same sensor, processor, functionality, etc. It might just take 1 camera breaking the perception to start a wider adoption of mirrorless (maybe a Fuji, with their attractive styling?)

  • Zuiko

    Gotta love how Olympus/Panasonic is always releasing the same focal leng lenses over and over again. They could have tried 22mm or 27mm.