New Leica Mirrorless System Camera will be unveiled on April 24 in Berlin!


 Image source: Leicaforum

Leicaforum owner Andreas Juergensen got an official invitation for a Leica event in Berlin (see image on top). I am pretty sure they will announce the new Leica Mirrorless System which has been developed with Panasonic. The camera and the zooms will be built by Panasonic (and branded as Leica). The prime lenses will be made by Leica.

And it’s also save to say that this will NOT be a Micro Four Thirds camera. This will be a completely new Leica system!

Thanks Leicaforum for breaking the news!

  • David Barkan

    If the camera sells reports from 2013 tells us anything… if they come out with a new system, that takes different lenses, with an aps-c sensor or 1inch, or whatever… I have to say that this is a very very stupid move by Leica.
    It would have to be something, really, really clever… Completely out of the box for it to be barely relevant. Fujifilm for example, made a very bold move with the X System, and it’s working because of their philosophy (camera design, sensor technology, great lenses, and amazing customer support and firmware updates), but just barely. Sony established their mirrorless line in the beginning where there was no other relevant APS-C mirrorless in the market, and with the A7-A7r we could finally afford a FF camera and use legacy lenses. And the M4/3 Panasonic and Olympus held on to each other for it’s ability to use any brands lenses on their cameras, so they quickly had a full range of M4/3 lenses that would work on any camera you’d like best for both brands, in a very very compact and high quality system. Samsung on the other hand got in late for the game trying to win with clever design and all, but I don’t think the Schneider-Kreuznach lenses had/have enough appeal to be desirable enough for the majority of mirroless fans…
    So again, Leica has to come out with something way more clever then just an AF M-System.
    I’d love to see the M philosophy of design and operability in a M4/3 system, kind of like a Fuji X-E2/GX7. But I don’t think it’s happening.

    • tim

      When Leica released the Vario they had a lot of customers, many factor more, who wanted/expected a new system camera. So I think they are aware of the market for such a camera with the Design, Style and Price of a Leica.

      I happily buy this, or an M. Leica behaves like a photography company with confidence in their products. You can be sure they did not start their design process by wondering what Fuji and Olympus were up to … looking forward to something _different_.

    • ronin

      Agreed that Leica would have to come out with something to differentiate it from others, but not for the reason that Fuji or the others are ‘working.’ Anything but. Because Fuji and the others are already losing money hand over fist and their market is shrinking.

      The challenge for Leica is that individual consumers do not have an infinite supply of cash, most of which was already depleted on overpriced existing mirrorless systems. How do you induce those consumers who, despite model proliferation by the mirrorless vendors, have not seen an increase in actual image quality in the last two or three models, and are asking themselves if the money they already sunk has been well spent?

  • srato

    Hope it’s a full frame.