New Fuji X100 firmware coming soon? + new reviews roundup

A black X100 rendering made by ThePhoBlographer.

A dpreview forum user who had focusing issues with the new X100 received the following text from Fuji UK: “Sorry for the delay. We have just had confirmation that our office in Japan have been made aware of this as an issue and are looking into it as a matter of urgency. The problem which you describe should be fixable by simply upgrading the firmware. I have been informed that a new firmware version will be released late next week (please keep an eye on our website) which should resolve the problem which you are experiencing.”

You can get the Fuji X100 on eBay (Click here). But watch out the high price!

There is a list of new reviews:
The rolling review by Sean Reid.

A readers showcas on Flickr.

  • sam hurd

    whoa… i really love the all black look of the x100 in this post’s photo. is that available, or photoshopped??

  • couleurs

    That is photoshopped by an anonymous user from an image board. It wasn’t rendered by “The phoblographer” or anyone associated with them.