Panasonic patent describing a possible GX camera design.

Photokina is over but the next rumor time is on the horizon. There is a good chance that Panasonic will announce a new GX2 in November. With same Gh3 sensor but same compact style as the current GX1. And of course as reported previously there will be also a new Nikon V2 before Christmas. There is no hint yet about possible Olympus-Sony-Fuji-Canon-Ricoh or Pentax announcements coming any time soon.

And here is a roundup of mirrorless related news and reviews:
Samsung SMART CAMERA NX20 + 85MM F1.4 review at SamsungImaging. Another NX20 review at Letsgodigital. Samsung 30mm f/2 NX Pancake Lens Review at ePhotozine. A Photokina "mirrorless" roundup by 3D-Kraft. Canon EOS-M samples at EOS-M image samples at Itmedia. Samsung 85mm f/1.4 ED SSA NX Lens Review at ePhotozine. A Photokina SLRmagic lens report by ThePhoBlographer.

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