mirrorless news roundup…(GX2 coming in November, SLRmagic lens test and Samsung reviews)

Panasonic patent describing a possible GX camera design.

Photokina is over but the next rumor time is on the horizon. There is a good chance that Panasonic will announce a new GX2 in November. With same Gh3 sensor but same compact style as the current GX1. And of course as reported previously there will be also a new Nikon V2 before Christmas. There is no hint yet about possible Olympus-Sony-Fuji-Canon-Ricoh or Pentax announcements coming any time soon.

And here is a roundup of mirrorless related news and reviews:
Samsung SMART CAMERA NX20 + 85MM F1.4 review at SamsungImaging. Another NX20 review at Letsgodigital. Samsung 30mm f/2 NX Pancake Lens Review at ePhotozine. A Photokina “mirrorless” roundup by 3D-Kraft. Canon EOS-M samples at DC.watch. EOS-M image samples at Itmedia. Samsung 85mm f/1.4 ED SSA NX Lens Review at ePhotozine. A Photokina SLRmagic lens report by ThePhoBlographer.

  • AC

    Finally a rangefinder-style M4/3 many are praying for. This plus the rumoured RF-style E-P5 will be a good fightback from M4/3 after being up-staged by Sony and Fuji recently (GH3 is too video specialist-focussed and E-PL5/PM2 too entry-level focussed).

    I am an Oly man but happy to see this RF design Panny.

  • Vivek

    I hope the initial price will be reasonable (ie., much lower than the NEX-6) unlike the GX-1.

  • techfan

    I would really like the GX-2 to have a built in EVF but I can’t see it happening.

  • Ashwin Rao

    Well, look, thhe gx2 looks like it has a pop up flash built over the hotshoe..what a novel idea..now why cant the other CSC companies think of that? What, with their seperate flash accessory or fujis off centered xe1 hotshoe? Now that’s smart, a hotshoe thats off center to the lens. but this panasonic has nothing new, esp no EVf. Same old m43 CSc in a EVFless body. Been there, done that 5 yeas ago. YAWN.

  • Ashwin Rao

    Oh wait, it does have a EVF! LOLL!. I must have gotten used to CSc ranghefinder styled cameras with no EVF , thanks to Olympus.

    • Tom

      The patent drawing is from a couple of years ago. The concept included a tilting EVF. Which would be a good point of difference.
      I probably won’t buy this anyway. Would have two years ago, but am now invested in unstabilised Olympus primes. Will happily wait for an Olympus version with 5-axis IBIS, happy with my E-PL1 and VF2 in the meantime.

  • Booe

    Looks good. I’m thinking about buying one. Yeah, get rid of that camel hump. And please put a Sony sensor in it.

  • Reverse alchemist


  • thethirdcoast

    Here’s hoping the GX2 comes to market in RF form. This would make a terrific second body for a GH3 when I wanted to roll out with a lighter, more inconspicuous kit.

  • Want-to-buy-a-x10

    Agree.! But would have loved this design for the LX7.!