Leak! Samsung NX1100 pics and specs!


Samsung Germany published the full manual of the still not announced Samsung NX1100. The specs in short:

– 20,3 Megapixels
– ISO 100 up to 12,800
– up to 30fps (8 fps full size pictures and 30fps at 6 Megapixel)
– Video: H.264, Ton: AAC
– 3 inch LCD with 921,000 dots

The camera should be announced soon and there may be a more mysterious and high end NX-R camera too!

UPDATE: There is now an English manual here: http://downloadcenter.samsung.com/content/UM/201303/20130306143127828/NX1100_English.pdf

Here are the full NX100 specs from the German manual (Click on the images to enlarge):

  • McPix

    Remote viewfinder via Wi-Fi sounds gooood!
    Does it mean remote control as well?

  • Gunnar

    30fps burst mode seems to be 6Mpx not full size.. full size is 8fps

  • JMaverick

    Some real lazy photoshoping going on in that manual.

  • Eric

    “and there may be a more mysterious and high end NX-R camera too!”…

    Please let it be the rumored FF body.
    Come on Samsung, show the other companies the way!

    Not that I’m interested in a full frame body from Samsung, but I’m just tired of the constant wave of cropcopters.

  • Marco

    It’s exactly the same as the previous nx1000 in a revamped body…shame.

  • fred k.

    so, whats so special and new compared to former nx modelle?
    I do not see anything!?

  • tom

    So pop on the 16mm or 20mm or 30mm pancake and you have a camera that is nearly as small as the Nikon A and a cheaper, maybe you can get two pancake lenses for that price.

  • jake

    this one is an ugly camera ,the specs are good though.

  • Ageha

    Probably the same than the NX300.

  • Ethan

    Sony already does this.

  • Eric Tastad

    I think it comes with Adobe Lightroom, they mention how to use it in the manual.

  • JMaverick

    It’s not sharing the new nx300 sensor?

  • Gabriel

    Noooo!!! Not lightroom ! I want the good ol’ Silkypix :) Joke apart, if it’s true, it’s really a good move. Silkypix is a hard to use software and i also hope you can use the lightroom for other camera. I have an EX1, a K-01 and a NX100, so i ended by install three silkypix :(

  • john

    Well the problem is, you’re not the only one that will pass on a ff samsung. Very few seem to want a camera that says samsung. I’ve seen a dozen of mirrorless users in numerous cities in germany but I’ve seen just one single NX user. If you browse reviews, samsungs are said to be optically good, but if you actually browse forums, amazon reviews etc. you will see that samsung has obvious issues with QC which is critical for this kind of product.

    I wouldn’t buy a ff from samsung as well.

    The problem is, that if the competition sees samsung releasing a FF mirrorless and see it fail due to lack of faith in the brand, it might be taken as a wrong indication, possibly even slowing down development on rival company FFs.

  • john

    I agree but it’s not really a selling point considering that most competitors (mft, NEX) offer the same.

  • Mistral75

    It’s definitely true, see page 164 of the user’s manual:

    Intelli-Studio, Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, PC Auto Backup”

  • Eric Tastad

    Now the question is what version and is it a full version. Considering the newer Samsung cameras don’t work with LR3, I imagine LR4. Hopefully it is a general license that works with all cameras (I don’t see why Lightroom would do anything different here at this point).


  • Marco

    They usually have much bigger lenses, especially nex (which also has aps-c sensor), as far as I know

  • Eric Tastad

    Samsung has done the remote viewfinder even longer than Sony has. Not that it really matters.