Our friends over at Digiaminfo got the first (exciting!) specs about the possible new Pentax mirrorless camera:

  • Pentax new mirrorless camera will be announced by CP + in February.

  • The name is K-01

  • K-mount!

  • Black & white body color (black keynote), white and black (white tone), black and yellow (based on black and white, yellow leather) three different colors.

  • The sensor is the same spec K-5 (Click here to see that camera). And same rear LCD.

  • Full HD video

  • Shutter speed to 1 / 4000 p to 30 seconds

  • Contrast AF, AF 81 Split

  • Built-in pop-up flash

  • 121mm width, 79mm height, 59mm depth

  • 560g in weight with battery

  • designed by the designer who designed talby from au (i.e. Japanese mobile phone sold in 2004)

  • it looks more like Optio than K series; not like GXR

  • comes with a new lens: DA 40mm F2.8XS

  • three lens kits with DA40XS and lenses already on market

  • mirrorless but whether there is an EVF or it is built in is not revealed

I hope my japanese readers can provide send me a better translation than Google soon :)

That camera could be a real dealbreaker!

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