Funny Samsung video shows the “bigger is better” problem :)


That funny video has been made by Samsung. Yes, it’s still amazing to see how people thinks in term of “bigger is better”.

Thanks Dummy for sending me the video link!

  • MdB

    A few points:

    1) Erm isn’t that what Samsung sells its Galaxy line on? Bigger specs / screen etc = better? Isn’t that what they are doing with their line of cameras also with Galaxy NX?
    2) Typical Australians where everything big = better.
    3) Sony Australia’s ads were very similar, but much more humorous and attention grabbing.
    4) This is a really good promotion of mirrorless cameras, but not Samsung cameras.
    5) Erm Samsung are ONLY popular in consumer electronics for offering ‘bigger’, that is the main message they have had. Bigger specs, all about BIG screens and BIG specs all the time – Never about any real innovation. I know this is point 1 but felt it needed covering twice.
    6) That ‘smart share’ crap at the end has ZERO to do with being a smaller camera – it isn’t like only small cameras can do that… So it’s rather pointlessly tacked on the end.

    Yeah Samsung have never had a creative idea in their existence.

    • paul

      Thats all a bit of a mad rant. its only a commercial, i though it was quite funny.

    • J Shin

      To be a fair, Samsung’s claim with Galaxy is that bigger IMAGE is better, not bigger CHASSIS. But, then such nuances are lost on the public.

    • Usee

      If I wouldn’t be interested in a brand like Samsung,
      I wouldn’t spent enough time, to come to Your conclusion:

      “Yeah Samsung have never had a creative idea in their existence”

      …could it be that You missed not only the iFn button? 😉

      You should really give it a try, maybe it will unlock Your POV and spread it to something like a horizon… 😛

  • Mr.Noflash

    Yes what people think about smaller cameras is really the problem.
    I would like to have that “mirrorless-to-big-conversion” camera shell for photography of stupid people.

  • Milan

    Now I understand why I get so much spam about penis enlargement stuff.

  • tecnoworld

    I use to state that NX is much underrated (especially by the press) and that few photographers (amatour or pro) use that gear simply because they don’t even know it exists or they think it’s crap without having tested it (just because it’s not Canon, Nikon, Fuji, Olympus, Leica or other “old” camera brands).

    Even more interesting would have been a comparison, say, of a picture made by nx300 disguised as a Canon Rebel and vice versa. That would actually have been funny.

  • Okeyg

    Quite ironic coming from the company whose entire consumer product strategy is to throw crap at a wall and see what sticks.

    This coming from the same company that is putting out a 6.3″ smartphone and beyond.

    • Usee

      Quite ironic that I did chose the convenient Samsung system over bigger competitors…

      …maybe it stuck in the wall, exactly in the most ergonomic place for my needs? 😀

      …and I love my big smartphone with character recognition and pen…
      …no need for paper or tiny keyboards anymore. :-)

      I like the Samsung approach very much – it’s a clever presentation – isn’t it? 😉

  • lorenz082

    funny video! 😉

    p.s.: “why DSLR?”…you’re right, mrs NX300…but…where is your viewfinder? 😀

    • tecnoworld

      If it had an evf, no other aps-c camera would be needed :-)

  • J Shin

    Very nice. :-)

  • Steve

    So now Samsung is copying Sony Australia commmercials too. Samsung really looks lost in the mirrorless area.

  • Slaven

    *sarcasm mode on*
    Yep, smaller camera can offer the same quality of photo… That’s why Samsung introduces this new super thin Galaxy Camera V with 13-inch screen. Ta-dam!
    *sarcasm mode off*

    • tecnoworld

      This is a very true observation :-) or perhaps galaxy nx was made after they saw the outcome of this interview. They think they’ll sell it just for its size…so finally ppl will test the outstanding quality of nx, since many speak w/o knowing or having testes the system.

  • Another Thought

    Great ad. But I agree with others: it’s ironic that it’s coming from Samsung, who otherwise tries to sell smartphones and TVs based on the concept that bigger is better. It is also copying the concept deployed by Sony for a similar ad…so once again it shows Samsung’s tendency to copy others.

    That being said, it seems the NX300 is a very good little camera. And Samsung can create some high quality products, can iterate quickly according to market conditions, can and will spend huge amounts on marketing, and in general has very deep financial resources. Therefore I would not discount Samsung lightly in the camera market; they could come on strong and in a few years things may be seen in a different light.

  • Another Thought

    Just as an aside, I just looked at the Samsung website and the first thing you see is an ad for the Galaxy S4 with the tagline:
    “The Next Big Thing is Here”


  • Stephen Nesbitt

    So, we know bigger is better when we discuss astro physics: Larger optics, telescopes, radio telescopes etc…. (Don’t bother coming up with an argument unless you do some reading first, then re-read if you still have an argument.)

    Smaller glass will not be able to resolve well when the pixels get pushed higher on m43 sensors.

    Some glass (some) still hold up well to the D800.

    Where is the happy medium? Do people here believe that m43 is the best? Is it the tiny glass+sensor combo in some phones? The Nikon V1/2? The Pentax Q? The APSC size sensor + glass combos? The 35mm formats? Medium formats?

    This is all bull shit. Just to get people to pay up and get a whole new system.

    If you like a huge depth of field and some grainy images at all iso (the om-d is grainy to me at all iso ranges), then buy it. If you love the ability to shoot very shallow depth of field images even when the target is not close, grab a full frame or some apsc size sensor cameras with good glass.

    I just don’t get these arguments any more.

  • Brad Morris

    Just goes to show what lemmings people are. The espouse an opinion without looking or thinking first.

    I don’t know how many times I have been told that My photos are good cause I have a big camera.

  • Common Sense

    Firstly, take a look at the Samsung manufacturing precision.
    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOBODY can match that precision.
    Secondly take a look at electronics inside. Samsung put very powerful processor, a lot of memory, and the OLED screen that DSLR manufacturers can only dream about. They just have no technology to match samsung
    Thirdly, no other company can match Samsung synergy of camera division with Samsung electronic division. Samsung can re-use best in the industry processor, best in the industry memory, best in the industry display so R&D money is spread over milions of units (camera + smart phones), very capable operating system, best in the industry user interface. No other company can match that business model.
    1/ make more professional lenses like 16-50 f2.8, 50-135 f2.8 Make them so good that when tested against existing DSLR pro zooms, they are equal or better. Also samsung needs pro telephoto. Usain Bolt is a good face for samsung ads only on condition that samsung has 300 mm f2.8 lens. Otherwise, the ad money is wasted.
    2/ make professional flash system or contract someone to make it for samsung (I would recommend the second option)
    3/ Increase flash synch to at least 1/300
    4/ Stay competetive in the sensor department. Samsung sensor is really very good but Samsung needs to produce camera without AA filter.
    5/ Be first to introduce graphene sensor, and be first to introduce “flexible” graphene sensor. Samsung is a leader (together with IBM) in graphene manufacturing. Graphene sensor is the future.
    I hope samsung will read this post.

  • stephen

    this has nothing to do with samsung..
    if they did this with canon point and shoot and shoved it in a 5DmarkIII shell, everyone would think the latter camera would show the better pic…

  • stephen

    come to think of it. many of you have missed the point.. they are NOT SAYING that bigger is not necessarily better.. bigger is better in smart phones etc.. where you need more real estate to view the web..
    they are just saying that you dont need a LARGE CAMERA to take good shots….

  • matthias

    this video has been removed by the user.
    So they didn’t think it’s funny after all? They didn’t like the comments?

  • tecnoworld

    We’ll see in a couple of years, if it’s lost. Imho, it will lead the mirrorless market by 2015-2016.

  • Hendrick

    Only if their image sensors get there too. By the looks of it, Sony and Aptina are set to dominate that market.

    Samsung sensors are a bit off in performance.

    And we are yet to talk about imaging processors, of which they must be a few generations behind.

    Just have a look at the DPReview comparison tool on RAW samples.

  • Hendrick

    You wish. The day they make a good sensor, they might. But they are still lacking on the lenses and third party support.

    All the Japanese would have to seriously falter for Samsung to make a real indent.

  • tecnoworld

    Really? Have a look at dxo mark, nx20. Well, nx300 is even better.

    And for the lenses:

    10mm f3.5 fisheye pancake
    16mm f2.4 ultra wide pancake
    20mm f2.8 wide pancake
    30mm f2.0 pancake
    45mm f1.8 2D/3D lens (not pancake, but quite small) (9 blades)
    60mm f2.8 1:1 macro OIS
    85mm f1.4 ultrafast portrait lens (9 blades)

    12-24 wide zoom
    18-55 OIS
    20-50 compact zoom
    50-200 OIS
    18-200 OIS

  • Hendrick|0/%28brand%29/Samsung/%28appareil2%29/736|0/%28brand2%29/Sony

    Not good enough.

    For lesser MP, the performance is inferior.

    The list of lenses you give is fine, but their performance is average.

    MFT has faster and better lenses.
    Sony does too (there are now 5 1.8 lenses)

    EVF technology is not that advanced either (Saw whatever they had a few months ago at the Samsung centre in London vs my NEX 7)

    For what is worth, they are trying really hard but the design is more about gadget Korean fashion than a functional design.


  • tecnoworld

    Exactly, but that only if ppl will be able to go beyond their cognitive biases.

    When I first bought in nx system, it was just because it was so heavily discounted that I couldn’t say no. Then I discovered the wonderful lenses and, as time passed by, newer and more powerful bodies were out.

    I’ve bought the nx300 since it’s the best in its class (mirrorless with no evf) and also among the best aps-c cameras around in general.

    Of course many ppl will simply discard it since it’s a samsung, w/o even testin it.

    As already said, if it were a Leica, Nikon, Canon, Sony or Fuji, all the magazines in the world would recognize its wonders.

  • Usee

    The DPReview comparison tool is showing cr*p in conjunction with Samsung cameras… …for some strange reason. 😉

    Have a look at those examples:

    ISO 3200:

    ISO 100:

    Real life:

    It is mainly a question of post processing and a suited converter…
    …one has to use ACDSee Pro 6 or Lightroom 5 to get what the Samsung cameras can deliver.

  • tecnoworld

    As said the nx300 is quite better than nx20 both for high iso noise and dr. Anyway the nx20 is already superior in dxo than any canon aps-c and any m4/3 camera, so I wouldn’t say it’s bad at all.

    The lenses are all but average. The 30mm f2, the 45mm f1.8 and the 85mm f1.4 are top performers, better than anything from sony.