Fuji shows the teaser and a real image of the new X-T1!


As reported before Fuji will announce the new weather sealed X-mount X-T1 camera on January 28. And today Fuji launched that teaser site at http://fujifilm-x.com/teaser140128/en/. It shows the first real picture of the camera!

These are some rumored specs/characteristics of the camera:

bigger (extra-large) and better (high performance) EVF / (trusted +  anonymous sources)
APS-C X-Trans sensor II (16MP) / (trusted +  anonymous sources)
support for the UHS-II SD-card for super-fast writing speed / (trusted sources)
8fps with AF tracking / (trusted source)
weather sealed body / (trusted sources)
tilt screen (source who was right in the past, but not yet upgraded to trusted source)
FujicaST-like (SLR-type) design / (source who was right in the past, but not yet upgraded to trusted source)
name: X-T1 / (anonymous source + Fujifilm)
price range between X-E and X-PRO line / (new and anonymous sources)
additional battery grip / (anonymous source)
faster AF then X-E2 / (new source)

  • madmax

    Tilting screen? About time, Fuji!

    • Adam Miarka

      The X-M1 and X-A1 have tilting screens.

      • madmax

        I know, but I was refering to the fact that still many photographers think an articulated screen is not a serious device in a pro grade camera. Maybe that was the reason because Fuji did not put tilting screens in their most expensive cameras, till now.

  • TheEye

    The EVF is bigger and better compared to what?

    • Adam Miarka

      Taking a guess here, but what about the X-E1, X-E2, and X-Pro1.

  • James Hanson

    Have a close look at the photo

    Wi-FI !!!!

  • Mark

    Will the video mode be any good?

  • Robert Mark

    Dedicated ISO, EV, and shutter speed dials, plus a front control dial (maybe also a rear dial like others in the X family). Very nice.

    I wouldn’t call the design a copy of the Oly E-M1 or Nikon Df like others have suggested, though. It clearly has its own personality.

    A camera like this, designed as a member of a no compromises APS-C family, with glass that is designed for the “full frame” of the APS-C sensor, should hopefully help bury the ridiculous “full frame” moniker that is used when discussing 35mm sensor size cameras.

  • Jón Ingólfur Hermannsson

    Nice to see that Fuji is still coming out with new gear – for sure it is an APS-C size sensor as they have said they will not be doing a FF for some time – which makes sense as system cameras / mirror-less should be in a small form factor – something lighter and smaller than DSLR’s – Many new Sony A7/R owners will realize this soon as there will be no fast zooms for it for a long long time – and how many will be buy the slow F4 $3000 70-200mm ?? – and now only very expensive Zeiss glass available for it except the kit lens. – also it makes no sense to have a huge and heavy lens like the 70-200 on such a small body with a small grip – It is the same problem for APS-C size bodies as well – so therefore we have not seen NEX E-mount fast Zoom –
    Fuji is trying to come out with a bit faster zooms like the nice 18-55mm kit zoom and I understand a 24-70 on the way – hopefully not to heavy.
    I own the OMD-5 and I am not so excited about the large hump in the middle for the viewfinder – I prefer a flush top like the GX7 and X-E1/2 and X-Pro1 – I prefer a slightly less impressive viewfinder over that large hump on top – (just my view anyway) –
    By the pic it seems that Fuji is again coming out with retro style dials and no P S A M C1 C2 etc – which I think is a shame – we already have the X-Pro1 and the X100s and the X-E1/2 in that retro style –
    I doubt the LCD will be Touch LCD and of course no Touch To Focus / Shoot – as it seems that Sony and Fuji do not believe that advanced customers want Touch LCD – which is a real mistake I think as there could be just a function to turn it off for the ultra purists –
    So it seems that Fuji is again going for the Purists customers – I think that is a mistake as they already have 3 great models for them –
    I think they need to appeal also to the larger group which are not so much Purists – users that like the retro styling but like a Mode Dial with C1 C2 settings as well as Touch LCD and Touch To Focus etc etc.

    Sony NEX5r/t sell far better than the X-A1 and X-M1 – and the NEX5r/t has Touch LCD :) even though I think the Fuji’s offer just as good of an image quality – but the Sony has APPS which is also something that I think Fuji will realize that will be a part of the future –

    So I do not think the new Fuji will be as feature rich and fun to use as the Olympus M1 or Panasonic GX7 – but I am sure IQ will be there –

  • Thomas G.

    Interesting. I shoot full frame sony a-mount. However, I just bought the 45mm 1.8 Olympus- and I don’t own one yet. Can someone tell me if the EM5 or EM1 can replace an a77? I have high hopes for one of these smaller cameras. I hope it can deliver.

  • Matus Kalisky

    Let’s see about the EVF – I kind of expected step up from E-M1 (well, it may be better), but it is probably not enough to look just at Mpix count. I really am curios about the camera.

  • Alex Hill

    For people complaining about the cropped sensor, you haven’t shot with the X-Trans sensor. It’s incredible. I have a 5Diii and a Fuji x100s, the Fuji takes photos that compare with the 5D.

    Fuji X-T1 & X-E2 vs Nikon Df: http://maxcnash.com/comparison-of-size-and-more-images-of-the-fuji-x-t1/