Fuji’s new 85-300mm fast XF zoom patent!


A brand new Fuji patent (JP2013/004636 published on 02/27/2014) describes a rather spectacular new 85-300mm f/2.7-3.7 XF zoom! It’s terrific fast for such a zoom range!

These could be the characteristics of the “Super Telephoto zoom lens” pictured on the official Fuji roadmap:

Obviously, the real production lens could have slightly different specs than the patented version. But would you buy a lens like that? I guess it will not be cheap! But it will suite fine on your new Fuji X-T1 which by the way keeps selling wonderfully according to Amazon US (click here to see the ranking).



  • Zachery Jensen❗

    I would definitely buy it. I would be a little disappointed that it didn’t go to 400mm, though. Still, 300mm f/3.7 would be quite good for a number of types of wildlife photography purposes which is what I’m waiting to use it for.

    • Miserere

      With these design specs, this lens will be marked f/2.8-4. Given these aperture values and its focal range, I’m not surprised it’s shown with a tripod mount in the lens map…it’s going to be a large bit of glass.

      • iudex

        Exactly my thoughts. F2,8-4 makes perfect sense and it nicely complements their standard zoom with f2,8-4. Anyhow f4 at 300mm promises a huge piece of glass, especially on small mirrorless camera (which makes me repeat my opinion that mirrorless are pointless with huge telezooms, since it denies their original advantage over DSLRs); but it is nice to see Fuji is doing everything to push the X system.