First image of the Canon mirrorless camera!!!


Finally we have it the first image of the Canon mirrorless camera! The image appeared on Japanese site digicame-info (via Canonwatch). The model name is EOS M (name on top of the camera). And on tha picture you see the EF-M 22mm f/2 STM pancake lens. It has a new New mount called EF-M (“M” for “mirrorless”?). So unlike previous rumors (posted on other websites) this is not going to use a Canon G1X Four Thirds sized sensor! Stay tuned on MirrorlessRumors! We will follow the Canon event live on Monday July 23th! Announcement starts at 6-7 am London time!

  • Matt

    Actually looks pretty alright.

  • Blah.

    Looks quite small. Which is good.

  • Mark

    – small lens(es)
    – hotshoe

    – few control buttons (visible)

    Don’t know enough to be excited yet, but it looks promising…. :)

  • Uwe

    So, Fuji kicks-off the system with decent lenses, not to mention mFT, Canon learned from other’s mistakes – and Sony?? Where are Sony lenses like the one we see above? It’s starting to get humiliating for Sony…

  • Moep

    Looks kinda cute… 😉

  • onlyme

    *Sigh* no built in viewfinder :(

  • Izumi

    Sorry Mr Canon, no viewfinder, no interested.

  • Frans

    I would say it is obviously aimed at the “entry level mirrorless market”. Not a bad design for a low end model.

  • meh
  • Danonino

    Wow, finally Canon.. Looking really good.. This will kill the Sony Nex line – An aps-c mirrorless with the pankcake-lenses that you want. Thankyou Canon.

  • Kevin

    Looks tiny! I’m guessing APS-C sensor, that would make this 22mm pancake a 35mm equivalent.

  • Irving

    Well, looks all right, but unless it has some new killer feature, or unless it will be very cheap, it won´t stir too much attention. Design is not too far from Panasonic GF line, or Samsung NX200, m4/3 has almost complete lens selection, NX has some nice pancakes too, so the question will be – why buy Canon?

  • Anonymous

    Wow, a pancake 22/2 lens. Sony’s NEX system is dead. Who would bother with a $1000 24/1.8 when you can get this lens for most likely less than half the price and also have the weight and size! Go Canon!!

  • Andy

    Lens looks nice, but the body is a bit disappointing. Looks rather amateur-level unfortunately. There’s no viewfinder, and the there’s barely a grip there at all.

  • gadgetfreak

    That thing is fugly, canon needs to hire some product designers

  • Dummy00001

    Hehe. Nice competition to Samsung NX, for sure.

    Current niches in mirrorless:
    m43: lots of lenses, aging sensor tech (modulo E-M5), but still size advantage of the systems as the whole.
    NEX: great sensor, mostly obliviated by the lack of native lenses
    NX: good lenses, offset by subpar sensor, poor JPEGs and high price.

    If Canon would try to do it right (meaning: a number of interesting lenses), considering its sensor tech, it would fall straight into the NX bracket: sensor not up to the competition, but the fact is offset by good lenses.

    Pricing is yet to be seen. But considering the first model, it seems Canon tries to be cheap and popular (22mm on APS-C is almost 35mm eq).

    Cheap EF-M + decent JPEG engine + proper PR => everything Samsung lacks => Samsung NX is in trouble.

    Finally mirrorless is getting crowded enough – choices are getting better and better. Can imagine that after Photokina it would be a ripe time to pick a new camera.

  • Spunjji

    Photoshopped-on lens? :/

  • pepe

    It won’t kill Sony’s NEX system but will definitely make a strong competition which is very good for us, end-users.
    The lens by the way says Macro 0.15m which is very good presumed the iq will be decent. HDMI out is to be seen on the left door, which means hd/full hd video.

  • Spunjji

    Agreed, it looks like somebody whacked a GF-1 around with a spanner.

  • torode

    You’re looking at this from the perspective of a Canon executive and not a consumer, which is stupid, because you’re not a Canon executive. One system or brand going “dead” reduces the motivation of manufacturers to innovate and charge competitive prices. A vibrant and highly-competitive marketplace is what you should be wishing for no matter what system you use (or in your case, “cheer for” rather than “use”).

  • torode

    The more competition the better. Pushes prices down and innovation up across the board.

  • torode