Some interesting news are coming from the cold Russia! Prophotos (Click here / via Fujirumors) posted a dozen of RAW files you can download right now! For the first time you can check what's the maximum image quality possible with the Fuji X PRO 1. As the JPEG engine from Fuji is already very good I don't expect any huge improvement. I guess you will have more visible moire effects. You can use Raw Therapee (free download) or Silkypix (free trial version) to open those files.

Direct links:
X-Pro1, ISO 200, F3.6, 1/18 s, Download RAW
X-Pro1, ISO 400, F3.6, 1/38 s, Download RAW
X-Pro1, ISO 800, F3.6, 1/75 s, Download RAW
X-Pro1, ISO 1600, F3.6, 1/160 s, Download RAW
X-Pro1, ISO 3200, F3.6, 1/320 s, Download RAW
X-Pro1, ISO 6400, F3.6, 1/640 s, Download RAW


UPDATE: Plenty of JPEG images are also available at Lenstip (Click here).
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