Everything is “s”. Iphone 5s tomorrow and Fuji X-E1s in late 2013 :)


It’s “s” mania! Not only Apple but also Fuji is about to launch an update X-E1 by adding an “s” suffix :)

Fujirumors reports that the X-E1 successor will be announced before the X-PRO1. And according to the Chinese site xjrumor it will be called “X-E1S”. It will feature the same sensor and viewfinder as the current X100s.

And just for fun…watch the iPhone 5S parody video on top. I am sure the Fuji “S” suffix will be more appealing than the iPhone 5S that will be launched tomorrow :)

  • GreyOwl

    Good video :-)

  • Hubertus Bigend

    @Admin, there’s no mention of the X100S’ *viewfinder* in the linked sources including the Chinese original, only the sensor.

    • admin

      ups 😉