Customizable Ricoh GR!

Share (google translation here) reports that Ricoh-Pentax started a new customization service for the Ricoh GR. As you see form these pics you can change the top cover, knobs and the grip color. I see some Pentax influence here :)

One more GR news: There is a new review at Imaging Resource.



  • Greg


  • Raz

    Uh oh Ricoh has found Pentax’s ugly stick… What’s more daft looking than an actual wooden grip on a camera? A faux wooden grip.

  • MarcoSartoriPhoto

    In my opinion Ricoh GR are perfect in all black. Like a Ferrari can be nice/beautiful in other colors, but perfect in red.

  • Oriol

    What are they thinking with these ugly wooden grips? Olympus with the E-P5, now Ricoh, this seems a virus of bad taste… Admin, do you have any news about a possible GR with zoom lens?

  • southbymidwest

    I would love to customize a GR with a fast collapsible 50mm equivalent :-)

  • kona_moon

    I would not call it “Pentax influence” until I see some Evangelion color schemes.

  • John

    I think they look really nice. Why do people complain so damn much?

  • Tim

    To be fair, customized GRD has been common in Japan for a long time. They have a cult following over there and I have seen plenty of weird customizations of earlier GRD models. It’s not really strange nor really a Pentax influence.

  • Bmore

    Ricoh would never ever do such a thing to their GR. Duh.

  • Harold GLIT

    Strangely enough , the most ( and IMO the ONLY) interesting customization is not shown on these images . there is a way to have the writing on the lens in embossed black without the white and red lettering

  • MarcoSartoriPhoto

    Sounds cool to me too!

  • MarcoSartoriPhoto

    I’m not complaining, I think Ricoh GR cameras are icons of street shooting. I look at them and I think of Daido Moriyama and its dark streets of Tokio. Thus the “stealthy” black color. Of course it’s a matter of personal taste and others may like it in different colors. (To be precise: I don’t think the color of the camera has any influence on the stealthiness of the photographer)

  • Maniac

    Damn, can I have a nice GR etched onto the lens, and have it cause a watermark like effect on all the photo I take?

    Ah well, at least this is likely to be more reasonable than the recent “BladCams”…