Canon will launch compact cameras almost as good as DSLR!


Canon concept mirrorless camera by David Riesenberg (Click here)

Canon released the Q1 earnings call and included some info about the future strategy. Canon says that they will launch compact cameras “offering the image qualities that approaches SLR cameras, with improved design and network connectivity features“. This sounds like they are clsoe to launch the interchangeable mirrorless system. And that word” approaches” may give us the hint that they will use the Four Thirds sized sensor of the Canon G1X.

  • JesperMP

    I have read the PDF. To me, the wording does not sound at all as that Canon intend to launch a mirrorless camera. It sounds as if they intend to launch more fixed-lens cameras, like the G1X or other higher-end compacts.

  • Kornflejk

    I am pretty sure Canon’s CSC system will deliver very well IQ (see at G1X), but I am afraid of AF performance. Their compact cameras have never been flyers.

    • spam

      Canon P&S have OK AF performance, but the G-series has been slower than other models, I don’t know why.

  • Miroslav

    G1X is a “compact camera offering the image quality that approach SLR cameras”. I agree with Jesper that this may be a sign of Canon making more cameras with G1X sensor and fixed lenses. Which is a good approach, because it differs from what other manufacturers are doing and may bring them greater market share eventually than they’d have if they took the mirrorless ILC route.

  • Tom

    Maybe I’m a poor speed-reader, but I couldn’t find that info in the pdf:
    “With regard to the consumer products market, demand for digital single-lens reflex (SLR) cameras continued to realize robust growth in all regions.”
    “Within the Consumer Business Unit, unit sales of digital SLR cameras recorded significant growth for such products as the competitively priced EOS Digital Rebel T3i (EOS 600D) and the advanced-amateur-model EOS 5D Mark II and EOS 60D, driven by efforts to boost production and expand sales in response to heightened demand. The EOS 5D Mark III, which was released in March 2012, displayed robust growth and also contributed to increased sales. As for compact digital cameras, sales of four new ELPH (IXUS)-series and six new PowerShot-series models launched in February this year recorded healthy growth.”
    “As for the consumer products market, demand for digital SLR cameras is anticipated to continue achieving robust growth worldwide while demand for compact digital cameras should grow mainly for high value-added models with high-definition screens or networking technology functions.”

    It sounds to me like they still want to segment the market into “compact” (adding value) and “DSLR”. Perhaps they are organised in that way, and the two divisions don’t want a third division, or a merger.

    Whatever they do, I feel they’ve missed the boat. Someone needs to show them what happened to Kodak…..

  • Physica

    as good as , or even better than DSLR , is meaningless ………what we’re concern is….. WHEN will canon issue that camera…

    I’m unable to wait anymore………I think I giveup waiting and go for the E-M5………

  • canonshit

    the longer i live the shitier the canon seems to me. no inovation at all, focusing on anything else but not the consumer market, huge margins, shity coating of all dslrs and late on everything. the only last positives were FD lenses and 5Dii at that time. now i see no reason for even thinking of buying this crap.

    • Evjenij

      you can say the same thing about every single camera maker. it’s a camera, not a car or plane. what more do you want it to do, make breakfast for you? LOL

  • Ranger 9

    The language of their earnings call is weaselly. It could mean nothing more than a G1X with built-in WiFi, a al Samsung’s latest offerings.

  • Artichoke

    The camera pictured above is very beautiful and if it were made with a fixed 16-80mm zoom and an APS-C sensor and had a HIGH QUALITY OLED or similar viewfinder it would be a winner…, yes i know wouldn’t that be the same as their own G1X and the answer would be “almost,” but the G1X is a very UGLY entry into the Leica M series wannabe sweepstakes, with too much junk all over it and a stepped-ledge top that only works visually when it’s sharp and straight. By contrast to the G1X this is sleek and lovely.

    On the other hand, if you follow the link to Riesenberg’s other concept camera you are treated to a remake of one of the dumbest looking camera arrangements ever designed–the hot shoe on top of a penta-prism–looking like a dumb kid wearing a propeller hat.


  • MrGuyFawks


    • Tom

      And thus speaks someone who may never be happy…..almost as good IS good enough, because it may also be better in many ways.
      OK, a M43 may be almost as good as an APSC camera in IQ… but is much better in terms of portability.
      Don’t search for perfection, search for a suitable compromise. Life will suddenly become much easier.

    • Evjenij

      Full frame digital cameras dont even come close to digital medium format cameras in terms of resolution. So fit he canon mirroless is close to aps c sensor quality than it should be good enough for you. If not, go and buy a mdeium format camera, they are only around 40 grand.

  • austin

    eww this just means more terrible compacts like the g1x. great to see canon late to the party and pushing horrendous and slow cameras. it’s not a dslr, it’s not a compact, it’s in no man’s land as being able to do either properly, and it’s expensive to boot. the slow fixed lens really kills any appeal to the system, and it’s STILL huge and bulky, with one of the worst viewfinders ever devised. yuck

  • Kevin

    i don’t mind the G1X type of camera, but i think to have a protruding lens element canon positions itself with the other m43 cameras. (i like how the G12 is still marginally pocket-able)

    G1X is great, but so is the GX1 or the much cheaper GF3.

    i’m not sure what canon is thinking, but their product better be attacking a unique market segment or they’ll have issues selling the cameras… hopefully the idea will be shockingly new! (maybe a full frame point and shoot? :D)

  • Photon Phil

    Canon is wasting an opportunity to dominate the MILC market but instead still coasts most profits on the Rebel sales started years ago by Andra Agassi. They could put out a digital QL17 in minimal time.

  • Zonkie

    Canon is late to the party, but I hope it means they will get everything right. Otherwise they won’t succeed. The bar is set quite high already, but if they managed to put all this together…:

    – High quality body with good ergonomics (two control dials), preferably weather sealed (EM-5 and X-Pro 1, or better).
    – Competitive sensor (The G1 X has it, so no problem here, though the X-Pro 1 has set a new standard)
    – Fast performance (EM-5 or better)
    – Fast AF (Nikon 1 sets the bar here with its hybrid AF, otherwise EM-5 for normal CDAF).
    – In-body IS (EM-5 set the bar pretty high here, making in-lens systems unnecessary)
    – Good video (GH2 or better)
    – Good integrated EVF (NEX-7 or better)
    – Good lens selection from the start (Fuji proved it’s possible to launch with 3 fast and good quality primes, so Canon should do equal or better. Please leave the zooms for later, no one will buy a CSC that only has zooms – it misses the point of having a smaller size package vs. DRSLs)

    If Canon can meet all the above requirements, then they can still have a good chance of succeeding. If they fail to meet one or more of the above, they will fail, no doubt. Late and with inferior offering is as good as nothing.

  • Denis

    Well, it’s strange. Other manufacturers produce cameras that is equal or gives even better IQ combined with superior RF optics (leica m, new Fuji, recent sigma, samyang fisheye). Seems Canon has already lost the battle.

  • sean

    if canon makes anything that looks even close to the one pictured above, then i’m definitely selling my 5d mark ii.

  • BdV

    Well, Canon, how about, for instance, just starting by putting an x-pro1 sensor in front of you.. and then some thinking about what you can build around it..? Tomorrow you can show us some G1X-pro-QL17D sketches.

  • Dummy00001

    If only it were AF performance alone. G1X, just like other Canon Gs, is the slowest of the cameras in its price/feature class: slow write speeds, long shutter lag.

  • Paulo Moreira

    I completely agree with you Tom, I really could not read between the lines any sign of a new camera system. I think they will go for the “3rd way” which is to offer compact cameras with large sensors, but at more afordable prices, with “almost” DSLR quality. It is important to notice the “almost”. With Nikon going for a smaller sized sensor, Panasonic with M4/3, Sony with APS-C, it is already a crowded sector that would steal sales from the EOS (excellent) line. I see it as a wise decision, if they start to offer a second range of compact premium compacts,but not at silly prices. This is a risky choice, as in the 90’s we had the craze for luxury compacts from Leica, Ricoh, Nikon, Minolta with not so good results. However, if Canon goes for this type of big sensor fixed lens camera, Leica will have a terrible headache.

  • southbymidwest

    LOL. The camera you claim is “beautiful”, “sleek and lovely” is the *exact same camera* as the “dumbest looking camera” with the viewfinder. His concept includes a removable VF that clips into the hotshoe 😛

  • Carl

    I have to disagree on this one. “If you dont cannibalize yourself, someone else will”. Kodak had digital camera technology in the very early days of digital photography but chose not to go for it because of fears on the cannibalization of their film business. We all know the rest of the story.

    In addition, a lot of people already have a DSLR and want a mirroless because it is much easier to carry. For instance, I am buying the 5DIII and also a mirroless. Since Canon has no mirroless, it will lose my money to Olympus (in the camera and several lenses).

  • Artichoke

    Ugh!!! You are exactly correct. Thanks for correcting my misreading the prism images (I thought it was two different cameras)…, and making me miserable. Cheers!

  • Evjenij

    You’re right, why would Canon want to focus on profits? After all, when a company makes less money or goes into bankruptcy, it then should have more money to make newer and better stuff, right? Why should Canon focus on profits when it can make a camera to kill it’s cash cow dslr franchise? The QL cameras are OBSOLETE, they are not going to start making rangefinders now or any other camera to satisfy the 3 people who still use film canonets.