A rumor about the Samsung EX1 successor….


I got a news form a trusted source about the upcoming new EX1 successor:
Samsung will announce the EX1 substitute at CES on January. The new sensor is a CMOS 2/3″ 12MPx BSI. The body is very similar to EX1 but with an on-body EVF, the same on NX-10, it makes the camera a little taller than EX-1. The zoom is a 24-75mm with mechanical ring control and optional 21mm setting as WB210.The lens has an additional ring with Ifunction like on NX lenses for camera control and manual focus. It keep the swivel amoled screen.

Sounds like a terrific nice compact camera!

  • Camaman

    Damn that sounds great!
    Will it keep the fast zoom? :-)

  • Forbes

    Sounds like Canon were right about the market for mirrorless/ILCs getting smaller due to smaller DSLRs and better high end compacts. Glad I just got an S95 so I can shoot a compact while I see what the market does. Certainly interesting developments.

    • Dummy00001


  • Miroslav

    First specs sound very good! And thank you Fuji for making compacts with large sensors. Soon we will have Olympus, Canon and Samsung all coming out with compacts with sensors larger than 1/1.6″.

  • Dummy00001

    > Sounds like a terrific nice compact camera!

    AF speed improvements? Built-in lens cap?

    TL500/EX1 is an intriguing compact camera. The successor would be definitely worth checking out.

    I hope integration of VF wouldn’t impact much the size: TL500/EX1 is of about right size for my hands.

  • SandyBILL

    By present market condition in situation, but only if Tristar can other introduction very specially other manufacturer no new function or the technology.
    Otherwise still had the insufficiency by 2/3 ” BSI CMOS competitive power, because you were already not first promote similar sensor Prosumer DC the factory, moreover other factories also have the plan to promote similar or bigger sensor Prosumer DC, topical reduced greatly.

  • Behr

    June 2012 has rolled around and Samsung is still offering the EX1/TL500 and did not introduce a successor for the EX1. So much for trusted sources.