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Yole Developement predicts Sony sensor domiation to increase the next years.


The upcoming years Sony is highly likely going to increase the “domination” of the sensor market. Pierre Cambou from Yole Development writes:

“Yole forecasts that the CIS industry will reach $10B this year, with Sony remaining the undisputed world leader –mainly at image sensor level, but gaining strong momentum at camera module level too. And what will Sony’s $4B be used for? Probably to increase capacity, enhance R&D efforts, and further widen the gap between its competitors. It may also be used in applications that will generate a firm lead in automotive, and to develop sensing technologies for consumer and automotive applications. With this bold financing move, Sony is leveraging its leading technology position and demonstrating the confidence it has in its products, its technology, and its future.

I am really wondering what this will mean for the photographic industry. Fuji, Nikon and Canon…how will they work or compete against Sony?


found via Image Sensor World.

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