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Two new cameras coming soon: Sony A6xxx and Panasonic GH4R!

The big October PhotoPlus show is getting closer and we are getting first rumors about the next bunch of new mirrorless cameras:

1) Sony A6xxx (Sony A6100?)
That camera is rumored to feature a brand new backlit RGBW sensor. The “White” pixels are added to increase the dynamic range. The Camera also records 4k at 60fps and has the fastest autofocus system of all mirrorless system cameras.

2) Panasonic GH4R
Panasonic is going to launch a new Panasonic GH4R camera which is basiccally a GH4 with V-LG added. This isn’t good news because it means current GH4 cameras will not get the firmware update for free :(

No other rumored camera yet, not from Olympus, Samsung, Fuji, Nikon and Canon :(

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