Three new Fuji X-T1 pictures!

The Japanese site Digicameinfo shared three new pictures of the Fuji X-T1! This really looks like a great camera!

  • Matus Kalisky

    I do like the design of the X-T1, but I am wondering whether the dedicated shutter speed dial is better to have than a PSAM dial with 2 or 3 user defined modes. I found having user defined modes very practical, but possibly there will be different arrangement for that. The Exposure compensation dial does not seem to have a lock – hopefully it does not turn too easy. In one way or another – it will be very interesting to see how does this camera compare to Olympus E-M1.

    • Berneck

      That’s not what these cameras are all about. There is a manual process to them. Overriding the dials like the DF sort of defeats the purpose in my mind. That being said, I do feel in some ways they have pigeon-holed themselves into a niche enthusiast market for that reason. Doesn’t mean they won’t do well, but they definitely shut out the larger mass market.

  • ianalex

    This is what the Nikon DF should have been. Its not for me……
    1/ 200asa min. in raw, poor for sunny/daylight fill flash. [100asa for Jpegs only ]?
    2/ Raw converter issues for landscape users.?
    3/ Is there a built in flash?

  • Wing Yip

    New pics look great. I think the battery grip extension will be great for portraits, want to balance the camera out better because of a heavy lens and/or flash, or if you need to have the power available for extended use. I wonder how the rest of it looks like?.. there should be access to function buttons, i would imagine, perhaps on one of the other sides? An even nicer and larger EVF (compared to that in the E-M1 or A7’s) is always welcomed to make composing and clear focusing and exposure that much easier. I also appreciate they’ve separated the AE-L & AF-L into 2 buttons.

    Excuse me if the following sentences go off on tangents a bit, but I’d like to chime in with my thoughts on the X-T1 as well..

    I think the X-T1 will be the new flagship, but for fear of alienating or pissing off current X-Pro 1 users, they may not mention this status change.. actually, I think the X-Pro 1, even with latest firmware upgrades, I would not consider the flagship anymore.. I think that title currently belongs to the X-E2 as it has the latest hardware and firmware and greatest functionality & versatility of all the current X cameras, imho. The X-E2 is essentially the improved X-Pro 1, minus a few $100’s and the cool, but completely novelty and not so useful hybrid OVF. But, I digress…

    It just makes sense with all the X-T1’s specs which are rumored and leaked (weather sealed, best largest EVF, fast performance, pro battery grip, dual card slots, etc…) that it should hold flagship status.. very true if it has finally obtained what no other Fuji X camera has done in the past with true, fast, accurate AND reliable/consistent AF. Others may disagree, but that’s been my experience with the X10 & X100.

    Although I also love the original X cameras’ rangefinder-style design, it ultimately isn’t a true rangefinder and I don’t think it makes sense or practical to make a true rangefinder also geared towards sports or action photography. It’s traditionally has, and should still remain, a camera for stills. That’s the style and way of photographing that go hand in hand with a rangefinder type camera… my opinion, ok?

    But, I really dig the new retro slr style for the X-T1. They have done a better job at getting the proportions and size right, compared to the Nikon Df (which is the nearest and most recent camera that is going for similar retro design cues). An old retro slr style camera should be pretty flat, and compact, still.. Fuji got it right, the Df, unfortunately going with a mirror and wrapping retro pieces around dslr components still left it a bit too fat and bulky… it has it’s cool form factor.. if you like rough old school Star Wars designed spaceships and tech, you will like the Df’s looks. Anyways, I’ll restate again, Fuji X-T1 looks right for the role and size looks about right to me… keeping things as compact and functional as possible goes to the mirrorless advantage.

    I like the Df, but I’m not a Nikon shooter and don’t have any Nikkor glass (or the like) to justify buying into a FF camera like that. To start from the ground up, the X-T1 makes more economical sense for my style of shooting which doesn’t require or missing anything from not using Full Frame. The APS-C sensor in Fuji X cameras are very good.. but, I always wished they had better AF, and because I missed enough shots do to poor unreliable focusing, I gave up my X100 & X10 for an OM-D E-M5 (and eventually an E-M1).

    Also, the controls and functionality for the X-T1 appear to be much more intuitive and streamlined with less confusion or redundancy compared to the Df… I won’t get in too deep about it, but I will try and keep it short by stating it seems there are a lot of settings and presetting to consider when switching between lenses (new & old) and shooting modes and exposure controls have a bit too many ways about them to simply set them and get the work done. A camera geared towards pure photography and supposedly simplifying the art of taking photography has a number of design/function issues which frankly seem to retard the process and make it not so straightforward as it is supposed to be. A tilt screen is definitely welcomed, too, but not on the Df… So, thanks X-T1! for a tilt screen!.. I primarily like to shoot through the VF, but there are moments which being able to frame the shot from high above or down below quickly would have benefitted from a tilt screen in previous X cameras. And, compared to the Df again, it was smart to keep video capability in the X-T1. Simply having that option available, be it not often used, is better than not. Really… how is keeping a video record button and movie mode going to get in the way of “pure photography”?… just don’t think about using it, done!

    Anyways, the X-T1 is exciting news and I look forward to the official announcement with final specs and pricing in about a week from today (1/22/2014). I have a OM-D E-M1 and love using it everywhere, but I do miss the IQ, nice dynamic range and particularly the color that Fuji X cameras produce. IF the X-T1 is as good as it looks AND the hope to have a more fully rounded and functional pro-level camera, namely in making a real accurate and reliable AF, it may be hard not to consider trading up my E-M1 for the X-T1 in the near future. The X-T1 really has the potential to be a new class leader… or a very strong contender.

  • Daniel J Cox

    Ugly with a capitol Ug! Still waiting for this to be done with class and elegance.

  • Miroslav

    Looks better than the Nikon and Olympuses. Definitely the best looking retro camera so far. OTOH small built in grip, shutter speed dial instead of mode dial and no IBIS make it no buy for me.

    But this 80s look is more pleasing to my eye than the 70s style of DF and E-M5.

    • Berneck

      These cameras will never have a mode dial. They don’t just have a retro look, they ARE retro. If you want aperture priority you set the shutter speed to A, if you want shutter priority you set the aperture dial to A. Program, set them both to A. Manual, set them the way you want. There’s absolutely no reason to have a mode dial.

      The DF is not fully retro, some functions override the dials, which is stupid. The E-M5 just looks retro, but is fully digital handling.

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