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Those are the worldwide market shares: Canon leads comfortably and Nikon looses ground

Nikkei published the 2019 worldwide camera share market analysis:

The top five digital camera companies had a 93.7% share in 2019. Camera sales dropped down to 14.83 million units (-22.4%). Those are the market shares:

-Canon 45.4% (+2.4)
-Sony 20.2% (+0.9)
-Nikon 18.6% (-1.6)
-Fujifilm Holdings 4.7% (-0.4)
-Panasonic 4.7% (0.0)

In 2018 Olympus was at the fifth position but has been now surpassed by Panasonic. I guess not many expected to see Canon increase their market share despite Sony’s Alpha line success. Nikon had a major drop that is very worrying. And I didn’t expect Fuji to have this small -0,4% drop too.

via DigicameInfo

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