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Those are the 2015 Japanese camera sales info via BCNranking: Olympus wins, Sony and Panasonic loose shares.


BCNranking posted the full detailed Japanese market share info based on the 2015 sales. Here are the top three of each category with comparison with last years share:

DSLR cameras:
Canon 56.2% (54,7% in 2014)
Nikon 36.7% (39,1% in 2014)
Ricoh 6.7% (4,5% in 2014)

Mirrorless cameras:
Olympus 34.5% (22,3% in 2014)
Sony 24.8% (34,3% in 2014)
Canon 13.6% (no info on 2014. Last year Panasonic was third with 11,9%)

Fixed lens cameras:
Canon 30.5% (28,7% in 2014)
Nikon 21.0% (15,3% in 2014)
Casio 14.8% (15,2% in 2014)

Lens sales:
Canon 24.1% (21,2% in 2014)
Nikon 15.2% (15,3% in 2014)
Sigma 13.5% (13,3% in 2014)

What’s interesting from a mirrorless point of view:
Olympus made a huge jump forward and Sony a huge jump backwards in 2015. This is really surprising!
And Panasonic “lost” the third place to Canon despite Canon certainly not having “pushed” the mirrorless system so far (just look at the poor lens line up).

What are your thoughts on those trends?

Thansk rrccad for the info.

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