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This would be cutting edge: Brand new Nikon patent describes CMOS global shutter sensor for their future mirrorless system camera

Like Morpheus I know the big question that is swirling in your mind: Is Nikon going to take the blue pill (conservative route) and make a boring entry level FF mirrorless and DSLR surrogate? Or will they go bold take the red pill and make something that will take down Sony’s pants?

Nobody knows it yet but at least on a “Patent-level” I can assure you Nikon is thinking boldly: In January of this year they submitted a patent for a new sensor made for Nikon mirrorless cameras. It has two cutting edge techs current Sony cameras do not have yet:

1) The patent describes a CMOS global shutter
2) The Sensor also has a Canon Dual focus alike tracking system who spotted the patent shares this official Nikon patent description:

In order to realize a global shutter in a CMOS image sensor, there is known an imaging apparatus in which a storage section is provided to a pixel.

Now, patents are ephemeral like clouds, we don’t know if that patent will disappear in Nikon’s deep dungeons or if it will translate into a real storm!

Here are the patents images:

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