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This is the week for MFT owners: Panasonic and Olympus will unveil their new high end camera on October 27

Micro Four Thirds had a hard year. With little announcements and many doubts. But both companies will have major announcements on October 17

Panasonic Japan announced it will celebrate the 20th anniversary on October 27th. I And there is a chance we might get some more info about the new GH6.

And OM Digital plans to make two kind of announcements:

  • Announcement of the new naming structure (there will be rebranding from OM-D E-M to OM 1D, OM 5D, OM 10D etc.)
  • Teaser of the new wow camera (Launch in early 2022, new kind of sensor, E-M1III size body).

I hope this will mark the day MFT came definitely back from the death!

OM Digital launched a special teaser page (Click here) for an October 27th event.

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