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This is Panasonic’s prediction of how much Mirrorless will growth by 2016!

Panasonic showed two interesting slides at their Tokyo GM5/LX100 presentation event (Source: The one on top shows you how much Mirrorless will growth compared to the DSLR market. Panasonic expects worldwide mirrorless share to be 34% of all system cameras. Panasonic is known for their very reliable and non exaggerated financial forecasts (Source: Bloomberg). Therefore I believe their mirrorless forecast is also founded on a solid and realistic approach.

They do not expect Mirrorless to “boom” or quickly eat up the DSLR market. It’s more a of a slow process.

The second slide shows the progress on the German market. Here it’s interesting to see that Germany is one of the few “western” countries where mirrorless is growing fast. End of May 2014 41% of the system cameras sold in Germany were mirrorless!

As we all know the most “conservative” market yet is USA. But this will change in time too..




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